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  1. So there is a major flaw in the assault challenge. You have absolutely no range for your weapon making it impossible to shoot from any sort of distance to kill the enemies and defenses. I attached two pictures that show the max distance. Has anyone else noticed this??
  2. I have tried every which way to extract the game music and have been unsuccessful. I have tried oggextract, udk, and just plain extracting from windows cmd. I was wondering if anyone out there knows a way to do it successfully. I have seen the music on youtube, but they do not have the one i want. King's game. Any help is appreciated.
  3. I am looking for blaster rifle. Or something equally as fast, in damage, and speed. Looking for something near 300^.
  4. Reading around it said chickens especially mega chickens were from getting eggs from easter hunt that is no longer available. Thanks for posting guys! Lab assault I have gone into and gotten destroyed...like one second in and got pumeled.
  5. Every thread that I find about farming anything is a couple years old. I was however lucky enough to tag along on a aquanos NMHC survival that pulled 54 mil man a round(after the new round started of course). I was wondering if anyone knows of a good mana farming map that is easier to do?? My next question is about getting equipment to make godly characters like I have always seen. I have both monk and squire at high levels but no good armor or pets. I just want to have high defense for those two so I can support myself on builds. So where to find good defense pets?? I have a goo
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