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  1. Post Xbox360 Legit List [XBOX 360 GT] I 69d Sheep ---------------------------------------- Huntress level 74 Towers < i love my huntress Squire level 72 Towers Mage level 73 Damage Per Second = about 200kish Monk level 76 Towers < i love my monk Huntress level 72 Damage Per Second = no idear haha ---------------------------------------- Plus if you need help i am sure there are plenty of people out there to help myself included. -------------------------------------- People you can also add for xbox360: Rikker20 EnderWiggan1337 JackTheMan25 Transienttoe
  2. ignore this post made a mistake look at next post
  3. I played DD on PC for awhile, but then stopped due to real life responsibilities, and did not have time for it. However, since the release of this game on Xbox 360 for free, I have got this game once again. I have seen the xbox live community is full of modders, little kids, and people who are begging for plvls and items (preferably modded ones). I like to play legit. I understand how mods can help, and can be fun every now and again, but 24/7 is NOT acceptable. If you are looking for legit play, send me a message on Xbox Live; my GT is "Price Is R1ght". My current toons (11:50am, 3/22/20
  4. I recently got this game and just wanted to find people to play with. Preferably with no modded weapons/stats/armor. I am a lvl 29 squire. I don't talk a lot just a heads up and I don't have any of the dlc. Message me/add me on Xbox if you want to play GT: EDGE x WaRLoRD
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