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  1. Hi Solid Here! My friend farmed this the other day and wants it IC:ed, thanks! http://i.imgur.com/JXki9bg.png Tell me if you need non blocked pic i send message.
  2. Ok here is the sparus we want checked, which we know is not hacked. Sir, can you check it please? http://i.imgur.com/jVPoRXK.png
  3. Caimeno does this one look hacked to you? http://i.imgur.com/jpgZRUG.png
  4. Hi! I would like to have this sparus i saw on a well geared person IC:ed. Thanks! http://i.imgur.com/cCijpab.png
  5. I have recieved a private bid on 40 cubes.
  6. When i try to link it says its already linked to this account so idk.
  7. HI everyone! Iwould like to get this glad IC:ed ty! ^^ http://imgur.com/gallery/vRS8H6L/new
  8. I got hacked and lost 2x glaciers so i quit the game very shortly after i made this acution. I just could not be bothered after such a huge loss. Those 2 glaciers was pretty much all i had.
  9. *UPDATE* I accept these forms of currency Coal, Diamonds, Cubes.
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