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  1. Wonder when trendy will stop balancing the entire game around maxed out end game content. Everything is getting more powerful! nerf one class! since release things have more or less looked like this... nerf to much nerf to much.. ok time to buff end game stuff... massive nerf to everything because we buffed so much. I also love how they are pushing back nightmare mode and making you pay for early access to it. Sorry but i think they complete ****ed this game up since release and they just keep making it worse and asking for more money. And before you argue against that remember this p
  2. Because of the super super loot coming in it would be to op. And yes that is a non troll answer if you want to say something dumb in response. So instead of making the other characters not **** for dps they make the huntress weaker... Nice.
  3. No it means you are missing a few things about the game.
  4. Anyway ill just say this. Refraining from posting the patch notes just ignores the actual issues with patches.
  5. The thing that happens in DD is that people can refuse to update by leaving client open. That why if you reveal that a profitable map will be nefted, they will all turn off autoupdate to keep farming which fail your purpose of limiting the loot. In LoL, even if they know a hero is OP, they can only take advantages of him like 2 or 3 days before the patch goes live; it is not the case in DD. What people whining about is the "fairness" - some folks who play a day before them get to take the advantages of high drop rate and get some really cool loot that they could not get a day after. Ironic
  6. The whole thing about a character being nerfed or buffed wasn an example of what used to happen in league of legends. When patch notes were released. People would take advantage of what was said. The problem with people farming and suddenly they become buffed the next day. There are always going to have to farm for newer loot. The unfortunate event of one finding an item. And then upgrading it. Just to read the drops became better. They still have a good item to help them farm for the newer gear easier... At least Thats what i would tell myself. Haha Yeah but we also have the cases wher
  7. The very thing thats pissed off most people is that they fail to add major nerfs or buffs till the time of patch or even after. Maybe if they were honest with the patch notes people wouldnt get upset.
  8. Isn't tht the game i saw advertised a lot on TV? where the girl said if you kill one more chicken?..ROFL thought that advert was so funny. actually i kinda wanted to try the game but was too involved into raiding at the time. No idea. I just know that if you actually managed to get the the end of the game you were lucky.
  9. You're older then 70% of the community? I'm 42, and to me you now officially sound like the whinest person on the entire internet. You do not seem to understand what a game is for, what communication is for, and what common sense and manners are for. All I have seen so far from you is that DD is no longer for you, but you are still here, as you state that $15 gives you the right to complain in every single "complaint thread that comes along", as you stated. Give me your steam name and pick a $15 dollar game. I will buy you that game, as a refund for your "waste" of purchasing DD. Just. S
  10. Perhaps not on console, but I wouldn't know. I got it for PC, and it wasn't at all pretty. All of the horror stories are still intact on their forums if you fancy a trip through Hell. I wasn't even upset about it being an unplayable game 'till they pulled the rug out from under it and ran away laughing. I was prepared to wait for a patch that fixed it, then play it through and move on. Nope, Volition couldn't do that much, just "Oh well it's broke kthxbai." Fable 3 isnt quite as bad but its up there... numerous game breaking bugs still in it since release.
  11. You think they want to introduce bugs? You ask them to stop doing it like it's something they're doing on purpose. Testing isn't easy. Sure, I'd like to see them do more of it, and better, but asking them to stop having bugs is ridiculous. Next time read everything i said. "So please try to make each patch as bug free as can be so the game can be at least somewhat stable day to day and week to week. "
  12. Actually, they can do whatever they want, and you can whine as much as you want. Nobody gives a crap but yourselves. I really hope they don't go back to 7.12b's 90^ weapons. I'm glad for the people who got them, they deserve them. So because the devs ****ed up and people kept their clients running as long as possible without updating they deserve to get a advantage over others?
  13. ah i see. that's why i did not understand..thanks much .. i really don't understand the whole modding stuff. i know some people like/love it though ! i'm kinda the type person that wants to experience their vision and lack a lot of my own. i was always a terribad artist and excelled in the sciences. I'm a electronics guy and always look to someone else for the software. I just screw around with a ton of different things and know alot of random information. But yeah i see the total conversions as a good way already built into the game for them to pre release/test patches.
  14. what is a total conversion? can you explain for folks like me who are pretty ignorant about software and stuff? Total conversions are part of the modding system they built into the game. They allow for completely different games aka you could make a fps game out of dungeon defenders which uses completely different files than the standard game.. The way i see it this would be more than powerful enough for them to release pre patches to the community for testing the plus side being that only people who want to or can test are having to download it.
  15. Interesting idea but I think there would be some problems trying to do this. The game is hosted on the players computer, Trendy's server is just a machine to store characters and provide data for searching games and stuff. So if you wanted to test a new patch you would need a new copy of the game on your hard drive. Seems a bit too complicated to be added this late in the game. Now that I think about it.. thats how Eve works. If you want to beta test the next release you need to install a seperate copy of the game that is patched to that version. So I suppose Trendy could do something
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