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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CGx6BV0i3A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_XDELoB7M4 For those who may be concerned, the tired ramblings of a Zent are in the video as well as moderate swearing, technically NSFW, apologies for the low quality/babbling. 2 quick videos I recorded and threw onto youtube for your viewing displeasure. Haven't slept in 20 something hours because I'm going to a surgery in a few hours and apparently I'm not supposed to sleep beforehand, something about messing up the anesthesia. Anywho my video editing software basically lold@me and made the video's unwatchable("free trial") so I just decided to throw it up raw to youtube before the month ends, won't be in a right state of mind for the next week or so once I get the surgery and afterwards it will be too late. One video is how to easily get the 100k slows in like half an hour of afking and the other is how to get the, more actively inclined 10k stun/1k provoke. Not a whole lot of gamebreaking secrets but I figured if I had to look into it then maybe someone else has too and I wanted to make that a bit easier on people. If anyone has advice on video editing software that is not toasterfriendly then give me a heads up and I'd appreciate it!
  2. So, I forgot how to solo play, how do I actually start a game solo and ensure it stays solo? It's no fun testing builds with people coming in and throwing their own things down/splitting the mana. :( I haven't played in a few months
  3. leave character levels alone and idc, I just don't wanna level all my chars again
  4. Refund my crystals and idc. Reset those and we're gonna have some beef tho
  5. Is it so wrong that I want a pug wearing a tophat and a suit sitting on my shoulder flicking cigar ash at people?
  6. it would be their 50th time answering if you bothered to watch previous devstreams :/ Thanks to the amazing Baxter I can tell you it was mentioned in DevStream 10. Wouldn't have been so hard to answer his question since you obviously know the answer, not everyone has watched multiple/all the dev streams.
  7. Idk, after losing range and now speed I may just take another vacation from DD2 and come back later in development in hopes it's fun again, having just power/hp isn't just boring, it's sickening, and crit/crit dmg are my least favorite stats in every game because it promotes pure luck/gear and it turned out SO well in Diablo 3. I mean, atm there's nothing to gain from leveling up, no ability/skill/talent etc, it's 100%, straight edged across the board gear, gear, and more gear. You can have no idea what you're doing but be geared and get significantly farther in the game than someone with minimal gear who knows what they're doing. Removing good stats like DS/DR and giving us this crit crap is just going to make that even worse. Hoping this doesn't stick, and that Trendy realises just how far they're going in the wrong directions before too much manpower is wasted on it.
  8. No defense range AND no speed.. I can't imagine this working well if the game turns out remotely like DD1.. my towers have nearly no range and their attack rate isn't exactly impressive either, and having only damage stats is really depressing
  9. That tower has more dps than my entire map combined. GG
  10. So, since I'm used to building in DD and appear to be completely terrible at DD2 builds, what sort of builds should I be looking for? My squire is going power/speed, monk is going power/hp, huntress is currently just damage until I know what to do with her
  11. A council pet/skin would be absolutely bomb
  12. I am Zent and I request this feature.
  13. Yeah, if you could like prebuild builds for maps, and show a hologram of sorts of what you're looking for, that'd be perfect
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