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  1. Apprentice currently has 3/4 elements covered with his towers, fire, earth and water. Arcane Barrier just doesn't really fit in with the theme, nor is it really a very good tower (at least for most of the game) I'd like to see a wind based barrier replace it, that is similar mechanic wise. It starts as a wall, very similar to the current arcane barrier, but if it loses all its HP, it turns into a wind funnel, forcing the enemies that are currently in front of it backward and becoming a slowing field for all units moving toward it, but speeding up those moving away from it. At the end of the wave it remains as a "tower base" with 0 hp, so you can repair it instead of rebuilding it, and it loses all effectiveness until it is fully repaired, at which point it becomes a wall again. Giving it an anti-ranged component (like reducing the damage it takes from ranged attacks and/or absorbing ranged attacks within a vicinity) could possibly make it competitive with the other barricades at the moment. Hope you like the idea, and thanks trendy for a great update and for listening to the players recently :)
  2. This is a great idea. The alternative is have different poison effects for the different towers, each one with different damage and different caps, so using a combination of the gas balloon and dart tower would lead to insane DOT, but you wouldn't unbalance the individual effects of either one on its own. I'd also like to see poison as a element on weapons (maybe specifically for the huntress) that applies a stacking DOT effect (potentially scaling with AP or Hero Damage stats?)
  3. I think that this is exactly what trendy intended, this hero is the "Triage" as you called it. Not only is there a new hero to gear and play, but you have something to work towards, getting said hero. On top of that, they have directly responded to player feedback, which was that "if we want something we should be able to farm it non-stop" which was the main complaint about Wyvern Tokens. Trendy is definately heading in the right direction with this update. If you don't want to play this game when there is still a whole hero to farm for and play, that's your prerogative I do agree that Trendy needs to up the ante when it comes to end game, however, this new hero and the farm to get him him are exactly what the doctor ordered to tide us over in the mean time, and for those like me who are anxious to get the hero NOW, $15 isnt a bad price.
  4. Lets look at this from a different approach shall we? So what you are saying is that while a ton of people have been happy to spend 70 USD on this game for NOTHING BUT COSMETIC STUFF, its completely unreasonable to pay 15 USD for the ability to skip a grind to get a whole new character, who in theory should add to the replayability of this game immensely. Why, oh why do people complain so much. Having bought the character already, I can attest that it is immensely cool, fun to play, and based on the value scale of video games (I generally consider any less than 1 hour of gameplay per dollar spent unreasonable, and 5 hours or more per dollar to be pretty good value) this character is really good value. Hell, the fact is that if you buy this character, you are getting way more than just 1 character, it means you need to farm a whole lot less in order to get the next one, so as soon as series EV2 comes out, you have that one FOR FREE. Everyone is complaining that the Abyss Lord is overpriced, but seriously, 15 dollars for an immense amount of gameplay is pretty good value, and free for a time investment, also pretty good. And on the topic of non-competitive pricing, have you seen some of the prices for characters in games these days. In Warframe (An incredibly popular game atm), buying enough platinum for a single character could cost over $25, and farming the parts for a character in that game can take months as well. Do some research before boldly stating that its an uncompetitive price or excessive grind.
  5. Hey guys, I've already done this thread once (probably almost a year ago) and it shocked me when i came back to play the latest patch that nothing had been done about it. When you look at a hero description, on all the abilities and towers there is a little note saying "Detailed descriptions are on the way!" I know that you are constantly changing, balancing and rebalancing stuff, but how hard would it be to put a small tooltip in there saying the explosive trap deals (TrapLVL*DP) damage with an attack rate scaling of X or the lightning aura deals (0.6*DP)+(0.3*DP per AuraLVL) and has an attack rate scaling of Y. Its not a hugely important thing, but it would take such a small amount of effort and make me (and probably a whole bunch of other players) a bit happier. I love to be able to look at a tooltip and think, OK, this is how I can get the most out of this tower. So please trendy, these Detailed descriptions have been on the way long enough.
  6. Currently the abyss lord has short range AOE covered with his left click attack, long range AOE covered with his charged right click attack, but did you know that you can get some pretty serious long range single target dps by spamming the right click button and making a wall of green ghosts to wipe your enemies to shreds? I'm assuming this is a bug, as it feels like its not working as intended, but if I am wrong and its not a full on bug, I suggest rescaling the minimum charge damage of the right click attack of the Abyss Lord.
  7. A while back I suggested that the Devs have a permanent sticky thread in their patch notes section that includes all of the potential patch notes (including the not finalized ones) for the next upcoming patch. This idea got a reasonable amount of support, and one of the devs (I think it was pmasher) said that he would suggest it to the dev team. Despite this, nothing came of it. It would be really nice (especially while this game is early access) to be able to see the potential patch notes and be able to discuss the upcoming changes and whether or not they will be beneficial or if they could be improved. My suggestion is that you guys put up 2 sticky threads in the patch notes section, one for the upcoming patch notes (which will convert to the patch notes once the patch is released and shouldn't allow any replies) and one for players to discuss the changes and potentially suggest things that could improve upon them (which will be turned into a new thread or reset every time a new patch is applied) Ideally I would like to see even the most tentative changes (ones that are likely to be changed or potentially wont be put into the patch) just so we can tell what the devs are thinking. This kind of transparency will make a whole bunch of us love you guys even more, and it will also make it far more interesting for those of us who bought this game specifically so that we can see and impact on the development of the game. TL:DR - Add a permanent upcoming patch notes thread!
  8. They are small bonuses. Bonuses almost every MMO has for monthly-paying members and considering DD2 is becoming F2P, it wouldn't be a bad idea at all. It'd just make things slightly easier for paying members which is how it should be. The game needs income and income = more updates for all players. I suppose you are right, it just depends on how closely Trendy wants to follow their original plans of not having gameplay affected by real world transactions. Just as long as they don't do things like give extra wyvern tokens to members, and never give Defence Councillors any unique gear etc then I guess it'd be ok to have small boosts.
  9. Faster leveling, monthly items and other boosts are directly affecting the gameplay. Trendy specifically said that they wouldn't have anything buyable with real money that would affect the gameplay. Pay-to-win probably wasnt the right term to use, but anything that directly affects gameplay should not be a boost that can be bought with real money.
  10. Yuck, council being a monthly thing sounds awful, I don't even understand what kind of advantage someone would get from being a councilour considering we barely get anything different ourselves. Special monthly items, daily gift boxes, bonus exp and gold. There's a lot of things council members could get. All of those things would be seen as "pay-to-win" and that is something that I'm pretty sure no-one wants.
  11. It has a lower DPS and range than the flameburst because it has a much larger AOE (in which it does full damage instead of a small % of the damage), increased fire rate, scales rather well with crit and doesn't pull aggro. However, it does still need a buff, to its health if not its damage, as often the odd enemy will step off the path and walk into it, which aggros to it, and then it dies in 0.3 seconds. If you can do a crit build with it, it seems pretty strong. And in terms of damage, it scales better than a lightning aura dps wise, with the only downside being the possibility of it dying.
  12. Well, you are a terribly unpleasant person. As to the game being "pre-alpha", I'd rather that trendy took as much time as needed to make this game into a great one, rather than going "Oh no... everyone is complaining that it is still pre-alpha after a year so we should rush ahead of ourselves despite the game not being ready." I agree you should speak your mind... just not in this thread. Sorry you are too young for an argument with an adult. You didn't have to insult him/her. Even if your point was valid (which by all means it isn't) I would still be frustrated with your comments because you said this. On a more positive note, the thing I love most about DD2 is how often community ideas end up in the game. Even if the Dev's haven't acknowledged all of the changes made because of an idea posted on the forums (and haven't commented on all of them) they do read all the posts, and throughout the time I have spent playing this game, I have seen so many ideas go from forum to the game. I keep seeing new things added and thinking, "Oh yeah, that was in the forums ages ago... Sweet!"
  13. I like this idea, only problem is that if it is implemented, then there will only be pet food as a consistant gold sink (though this could be seen as a positive, as pet feeding takes enourmous amounts of gold).
  14. Crits are kind of weak at the moment, and since the devs have said that they want some abilities to proc on cirt, I suggest changing the current %chance skill spheres (such as earthshatters % chance to knock up, or explosive traps % chance to double explode) to on crit. This would give a much greater incentive to build towards crit, especially with how powerful a crit build could become if the player stacked it. It would also have the bonus of potentially pulling some of the weaker spheres into line with the stronger ones. This could also be implemented onto the Huntress charge shot sphere, making huntress hero crit builds way more awesome as well.
  15. I'm pretty sure they did away with it, and good riddance!
  16. Some nice Ideas in here, but you should probably try to keep to the 1 idea per post as stated in the forum rules. Number 5 and 9 are the ones I want most personally.
  17. Because that doesn't happen anymore (Unless you are an employee of the game company). The entire point of early access is to get involved in the development of the game. Ever since early access became a thing, it reversed the roles. Developers are paid for people to test their game and in return, the players can help shape it and give suggestions. The entire point of the aptly named Suggestions forum is for these suggestions and the suggestions are the solutions that we are asking the OP to come up with... We bought this game early access so that we can help fix the flaws of the game, and the way we do this is by, as you say, playing, pointing out bad mechanics and opening discussions about them. But the crux of what we can do is offer suggestions for how the devs can fix the flaws of the game. And I am sorry if I missed the point of the OP's post, but I don't think it comes across as a suggestion to turn the game back into DD1. If that was the point of the post, then I am sorry for saying the post should posit a solution to the problems mentioned, but it really should be more clear.
  18. Yep...my mistake with rules...but too late xD 2.Tested with blocks - they doesn't reset.Idk about another stuff. Regarding the coming back into the game... that was a suggestion not what already happens :P And don't worry too much about the multi-idea posting. 50% of people seem to not read the 1 post-per-thread thing. Just make sure to remember it in future :)
  19. Firstly, you should try to keep to 1 suggestion per post as per the forum rules. Now... 1: I completely agree that as a solo player, the hero deck is very limiting. I still believe that (as was suggested a while ago in another post) the hero deck should "scale" based on how many players are in the game. 5 would be a good number for a solo player, reducing by 1 for each extra player, which still leaves each player with 2 heroes (a potential builder and fighter combo) in 4 player. 2: Absolutely disagree as it will be abused to all hell, however... If the player comes back into the game all the stats should be reset to the amount that they should be. 3: Yep. It should scale off of the total HP rather than the base.
  20. While you do point out some important things, I have to agree with Squishy, you have complained about a lot of stuff without giving any solutions. Also... Players have been asking for "sets" that give unique bonuses for a long time now, and in almost any situation the point of a set is to be better at doing a specific task than having normal items. The builds that the devs are adding are filling this gap that players begged to be filled, and while it does (at the moment) force players to use "cookie cutter' builds with certain things to be most effective, you need to remember that the devs are rapidly adding more of these sets, and are hoping that we will be able to mix and match between them to get the results we desire. Yes, DD1 was great largely because of the way in which the tower stats worked, but we don't want trendy to make the same game with different graphics (or at least I don't). We want them to make a new and unique game that has components of all the different things we love most about DD1 and other games, all compiled together with feedback and ideas from us, the loyal fans. The picture you have has DD2 moving in the direction of D3 and Sanctum, both of which are some pretty awesome games with some similarities to the type of game that DD2 is, and that isn't a bad thing, but to say that by making some mechanics similar to other games and using ideas originating from other games is moving away from unique gameplay is just plain frustrating. It seems like you think that if an idea has been thought of before, and has worked before (as it has in both games mentioned) then it has no merit, and that is very closed minded. Also, how can you possibly suggest that DD2 is moving in the direction of Dota? It has heroes, skins and items... as do most of the RPG-style games out there. Apart from that there are next to no similarities, and there is no way that this game is heading in that direction.
  21. The one that bugs me is the oil/fire combo on ramparts. The map-based oil trap things dont count towards ignitions if you ignite an enemy oiled by them.
  22. I completely agree with you. All maps within a difficulty at end game should have the same Ipower etc. However... the reason that the devs haven't done this atm (I think) is that certain maps (namely the earliest ones) are intrinsically easier due to having less lanes and being smaller.
  23. The actual food. It's acting strange, it worked once, but then didn't work for any of the times following that. I'll talk to the ol' tavern keep and give him the details :)
  24. Honestly when I found out what they were doing with the frost tower, thats how I assumed it would work. But as I said before, it's purpose is to buff auras and traps, while (hopefully) the towers will have the buff aura to keep them strong soon. Very much this. At the moment with the frost passives and the splody harpoons (when they work) we feel strong as we play. Thats how the game should be and I cant wait to see the other heroes get their friendly neighbourhood passive-sets :P I'm personally hoping that once they've released 1 per hero for the towers, and fixed all the bugs that come with them, they start working on hero based passive-sets for each hero.
  25. I really like the upcoming patch notes, and I feel like there should always be an upcoming patch notes in the patch notes part of the forums. Even if there is nothing in it when it is first created, it would be good to have it always there. Thanks for all your hard work on fixing the bugs and keeping the content rolling guys :)
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