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  1. Yeah the build timers on dda are so cancer and tiny on insane / especially nightmare, with the characters slow af looking like they pooped themselves
  2. Here's my first entry for the contest Ink Blob Gun It's meant to be a lvl 90 weapon that would deal a decent amount of DPS while being a stat weapon Name - Ink Blob Gun Lvl Req - 90 / ult90 It's dps is similar to a good blaster rifle, like a 128k
  3. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198151366610 No crashes first runs
  4. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198151366610
  5. There IS a way to duplicate save states on the 360 with an exploit in game, I can't really express it so well in text but hopefully this works Steps: 1 - Required. If you have another friend that is hosting a game publicly where you can join them from the dashboard. Join them. Can be a invite into a private match too you just need to be able to join someone. 2- As you go through the cut scenes and whatnot, when the dungeon defenders press start screen is there for a few seconds make sure to press start asap. There is a catch towards it, you can stack the prompt to select a device TWICE when you do this when you load into their tavern. So you have a few seconds to setup the first one, and the game auto boots you into their lobby, Which in return brings up the 2nd select device prompt. Make sure to not back out of this device selection menu untill next step. This 2nd one pops up since the game automatically brings it up when you didn't load one when you first booted up the game. 3 - When you are in your friends lobby. Select the save you want to duplicate first, THIS loads it up but after you do load it up the 2nd stacked save state prompt pops up which in return you can use it to select another storage destination (make sure that the 2nd drive is empty) 4 - Do something in-game that makes the game save, What I like to do is equip an item at the very least, it has to deal with something that edits the item box so fyi. This saves your loaded save onto the 2nd device you selected 5 - Exit the game safely and done. You'll have duplicated the save. I found this out pretty late overall which is a more lazy way to backup my save in case I don't want to use horizon to store on my computer Notes for a corrupted save state - Make sure your save state size is 150 KB on the dashboard, and that is only required with the first one, The backup for the most part can be ignored because that is just to keep characters etc in case the first save is gone / corrupted. IF it is 100 KB for the main save on your dashboard it means its corrupted / damaged so you have to manage to lookout for that when you think you potentially corrupted (IF you have more things on the save more likely it is going to corrupt so try to only keep things worth saving) I used to corrupt a lot since I had full item box / floor and 32 characters glitched in with another exploit in game lmao so saying from experience Horizon is a really sketchy tool which DOES have some sorta adware virus from the last time I tried it out so like its definitely not great to have... (official site download ofc) Also No. You can't copy a save state through the vanilla dashboard from the last time I played
  6. The best map for giraffes on consoles is in mistymire pure strat (insane or insane+ at least) This is the best map for giraffes because of the low enemy count compared to anything else (1k - ish enemies later waves for reference) A bonus to running this map is that you get also get the best possible fairy ingame on wave 20 (It spawns with the similar stats to the giraffe you get too) FYI most if not all survival mode on maps are extremely taxing on consoles (having like 10k enemies late waves with just 1 character in) and risk freezing especially with splitscreeners in so this map is really the only viable map for giraffes ALSO don't even attempt to run survival on any map unless you like to sit in a map for 10+ hours (Don't bother with armor/weapon farming with enemies dropping stuff so survivals are worthless) Also disappointingly enough mix mode does absolutely nothing really other than making maps harder and is survival exclusive so... Make sure you repair towers every build phase and wear a apprentice or huntress guardian to help towers in combat You can also use this video as a reference Edit... Also for armor... The best armor ingame spawns either from chests, or after completing a map that is later than ramparts in the mana shop (pets there also too). Has to be insane + mostly, insane does drop insane+ quality armor but way less often... The fastest / easiest way in my experience is DPS - ing the first wave of mistymire insane+ campaign and getting chests next build phase (mistymire on pure strat does drop good gear also from chests) glitterhelm/misty/moraggo/aquanos insane+ camp also drops the best armor ingame with its chests + in mana shop ramparts / endless / the summit is 2nd maps not listed, nearly if not ever drop anything good VERY IMPORTANT - To maximize your chances of armor dropping you should also have only 1 type of class out on the field then open chests (It prevents the other class weapons from dropping which in return makes it more common for armor to drop) pretty sure this works on consoles possibly
  7. Having items fall off the map and completely losing it makes farming these maps unappealing, Add this onto the maps please
  8. https://i.imgur.com/j5vlFx6.jpg https://i.imgur.com/EWsv7e3.jpg Done both on my sandbox n alt
  9. Might try to get under 13 total, but something for now Update : https://i.imgur.com/LIDuafS.jpg
  10. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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