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  1. No more GameCenter? I am now Player1 instead of StDogbert :( And can't login to GameSpy, services unavailable. Is it ok? UPDATE: Founded where to enable GC. Still trying to solve GS problem... UPDATE2: it seems that there were some problems with GS in that moment. I was able to login now...
  2. Most likely when you update to 4.3 your heroes will be intact -- the save data was overriden when actually first launching 4.2. -Jer Ty! U returned me hope. I am not sure if this restore point was before or after but now I have reason to wait again! :)
  3. I have submited all of my lost heroes... all 4 of them. Pure creatures 60+ lvl... Ok, so here is the qestion to dev. I have restored iPhone to the moment right after I upgraded to 4.2 but not yet opened the game, can it help if I will upgrade to 4.3 now? When save are deleted? In the moment you launch the game or when you upgrading? Thank you.
  4. Did I understand right that if my restore was lost I will not get my characters back anymore? Thats bad, as I already paid for DD but will not play at anymore :(
  5. Cool, lost my characters and can't restore my iPhone as it already syncronised with iTunes. Don't want to play anymore as I spent a lot of time to level up all 4 off my characters. Trendy, anything to say?
  6. Oh my. Devs, this suck. Its the same problem as with naming items. If u once entered a name and it is with low case letters u will not be able to change this. The same was with password. I was forced to change first letter to uppercase. Good thing I noticed it. Anyway, who makes auto uppercase first letter in password?! Pls fix it!
  7. Great, now I am unable to connect to gamespy. I am able to login on theyr site but not in game. Wtf?
  8. Nope, I am not jailbraken. Somehow changing language to English helped. And than I turned it back and game still works.
  9. Is it ok that game crashes for me after I tap it? I just updated. Yes, I have rebooted my iPhone but this is not helps. UPDATE: Changing language to English helped
  10. +1 to Russian localization. IDC but some of my friend may like it.
  11. So, any news on this? I wasn't on forum for few days and probably missed some official announcments. When iOS users will get an update?
  12. So the skill may seem useless now but it does have its place. The cost might be high but mine does a lot more then 900 damage(I'll find out later). So yes if you are a DPS build and intend to rarely build towers, then the Apps skills are quite worth upgrading. I didn't spent any points on it but I have bonus +5 (or +3) on staff. Damage depends on the range. If you are closer to target it will take more damage. If I hit dummy standing right next to him I am hitting for arround 997 damage. CD on that skill - 60 seconds. So you can clear with it some group of monsters once in a minute. hm...
  13. Don't think I can agree here. Spending points on mana bomb its not completly useles but I would suggest ignore it. It is very situative skill. it is not very common to spend 200 mana on 900 damage even if you are dps style. It is more usefull to use it for upgrading towers (maybe ones of your teammates) or build new. So usualy you are not using mana bomb and if you spent few points there it will be a dead weight.
  14. I am realy regreating my 7 points spent to movment speed as I can hardly control my char on lava maps now. I think in the end there will be full respecs in game. Maybe partial respec will be implemented first but in the end after few vawes of vine it will be awailable somewhere in tavern for a very low price and without any restrictions.
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