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  1. Hey Trendy's 

    ...XP are good in Trials mode and the Ascension Points skilling are a good idea, but the Spirit of the game was farming gear, weapons... ..but now it was very boring.

    With the Items and shards If'd Play i can only build chaos 1-2, and the items i'll found(Trials) are very low, the only i can farm is bad shards and the Ascension Points..thats to boring and u can Play only the maps from the Trials Difficult. Other gamemods are not importend ---> bad items ..bad shard and no xp..what have u done.

    When we farm, the Items we find must be minimum so good as the Items we try.

    The stunning of the Traps are to Long too, thats to much.

    That makes nobody happy and the Spirit od DD1 we lost more and more.monk_small.png

    Sorry my bad english..

    ...but please make the farming more atractive as at the Moment please...thxEmoji_Huntress.png

    (i dont find the right thread about new Trials update...maybe i'm blind..sorry)



  2. Salve Trendy Team,

    i think so too, the Summoner was the best class, makes a lot of fun to build with him. It's a very importent class for the game.
    This class fixed me on my PC.

    I hope we see the Summoner soon after DD2 release.

    PS: DD RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (sry 4 my bad engl.)

    Greetings from Bavaria
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