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  1. Hey Trendy's  ...XP are good in Trials mode and the Ascension Points skilling are a good idea, but the Spirit of the game was farming gear, weapons... ..but now it was very boring. With the Items and shards If'd Play i can only build chaos 1-2, and the items i'll found(Trials) are very low, the only i can farm is bad shards and the Ascension Points..thats to boring and u can Play only the maps from the Trials Difficult. Other gamemods are not importend ---> bad items ..bad shard and no xp..what have u done. When we farm, the Items we find must be minimum so good as the Items we try. The
  2. Salve Trendy Team, i think so too, the Summoner was the best class, makes a lot of fun to build with him. It's a very importent class for the game. This class fixed me on my PC. ;) I hope we see the Summoner soon after DD2 release. PS: DD RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sry 4 my bad engl.) Greetings from Bavaria
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