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  1. For example, Does putting points in defense range mean anything, since they dont do projectiles. Does defense power affect boost ( i assume it does) Does speed effect the boost or just the proton beam speed?
  2. UPDATE: The only common Denominators, Ive modified all other things one by one so far and i can only find that when i change key bindings and screen resolution/ UI SCALE Slider/Fullscreen/fullscreen windowed , then i get that issue. After i would click Play, and then get to the main title screen, it would go to load me in the tavern and it would just be a black screen, with whirling icon on the bottom right of the screen. If i would afk for a while it would appear in about 5 minutes or so but would log me out for being idle too long. I uninstalled and reinstalled and got the same prob
  3. Well generally you're supposed to stagger your Towers from the walls themselves. | So it would look like ===Wall==== | {Tower] | [Tower] V
  4. That's a big problem in this game...
  5. Cant tell you how many times, ive been on my huntress, and i see the RED bar and im like " OOO DYING ENEMY.. MUST KILL" and then im firing at it for like 10 seconds going " WHY is he NOT dying" And then i realize its a friendly..... soo annoying.
  6. Now theres 2 ways I was thinking of making this work. My original thoughts were of like a tiny goblin wearing like a funny little jumpsuit and goggles while riding a contraption similar to the size of a large ATV. It would be a very steam punk locomotive with 4 wheels and on the front of would be what i would consider a large jack hammer. The large jack hammer would hit the ground and send a long pulse at extend range towards closest tower. It would have a good size aoe Earthquake effect . Or to make it simpler, it could simply be a type of mage caster, sending an earthquake in the same exa
  7. The idea of the Ranged enemies was to be able to put a hurting on towers/defenses so that it would force the heroes to be involved in the fight, so they couldnt just idle and win. However when you get to 25++, especially if you get the gear that increase your towers range , then those enemies are useless and the game becomes a yawn-fest. It's to the point when im playing 25++ with groups that actually FIGHTING , SLOWS down the game as it is just faster to let the monsters run into the towers. Now i understand that there will be new difficulty modes and boss monsters and special forces
  8. As someone thats made 6 level 25++ characters and spent about a good 50+ hours grinding on The ThroneRoom for Legendary's, i can say that the once dreaded Javelin throwers of early game, are nothing but annoying peons at 25++, once youve gotten your stuff tier'd up. Every once in a while you'll get a message that your core was hit by and by the time the message pops on the screen, the towers seem to have him killed before he can get a second throw out. I think a Third tier javelin thrower, should have a significantly increased range. I think it should even be at the point that it FORCES the
  9. You remember the Dark Elf Warrior ***s from DD1-DDE right? The ones with the dual-wielding swords. Ran super Fast. Focused on the heros. Could jump over defenses really easily. Even on powerful builds, there was a good chance you were gonna run into one as he could bypass most builds. I feel like a semi-common enemy type should make a return. You know.. something like a Ninja type, and he could vanish in one lane and appear in another further up the lane. He could by pass towers/obstacles to get to the hero. Something to make sure people couldnt idle. He could have a kind of mechanics in
  10. Well the the point of the javelin throwers is to make it where you cant just sit behind your super powerful barricade and reap the rewards. Trendy wants to give you incentive to want to go out and KILL the javelin thrower.
  11. Keeping Subs up gives you 20%+ extra experience, same loot drops though. Ive done about 10 different playthroughs on 5 maps, subs up and subs down and its all about the same except for EXP.
  12. It's not something i am able to recreate on a whim, but i do notice it every once in a while. I dont believe that im actually getting 2 separatebonuses, but im just getting 2 separate numbers that shows up. 
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