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  1. This is probably a no, but is there a way to (legally) patch the DRM-free versions that were available the Humble Bundle and such? I own it thought Steam but have an extra copy around that I specifically do not want tied to Steam for offline and/or LAN play.
  2. I know but, it seems like you get more loot if you keep picking it up during the round. So at the end of the round I can check the map to see if there is anything good but I still have a full inventory to scan through.
  3. Like the subject says, it would be awesome if we could sell everything that was below some arbitrary level like Mythical (like how its set to show on map now). This and/or being having items above that threshold auto-lock. I play with my wife who insists on looting everything and, on survival maps esp, means looking through 20 some pages of loot each round. I have also noticed that green+ items do not show up as well on split screen (not the map) like they do on single player.
  4. Thanks DDACE. I suspected it would be something like that but if I guessed incorrectly my wife would probably divorce me.
  5. This may have been answered before but I have searched and saw no official answer so my apologies if a repeat. If I opt into the beta and play locally, will I lose progress when the official release comes out?
  6. I got a seahorse recently that I have been leveling and I got to a point where adding points to the damage stat does not actually increase the damage. It seems stuck at around 3744. Is there some cap or is this a bug? I looked around but can't seem to find the answer.
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