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  1. Too busy making money to care anymore. There are better games to play now :/ I'll stop caring now too.
  2. Last time i checked this game wasn't an MMO. If i wanted to play a real MMO, i'd play the old republic. Which is what im gonna do since it's a far better MMO than this game could ever become -_-.
  3. This game uses the unreal engine. patches are always huge. Its a copyover. Not an additional 2.8gb.
  4. I like the part where the kids without jobs or school think the games directed at casual gamers too
  5. The point is they shouldn't be targeting just one group of people. Sure it should be difficult but it shouldn't only be possible with hardcore players.
  6. Ooh look another aim assist screwing with game mechanics thread. Wonder if it'll get fixed. Nope.
  7. It didn't say the player couldn't respawn. Maybe the monsters can't respawn? I can't believe that they intend for you to not be allowed to respawn otherwise what is the point of the number of lives? With 1 player, you couldn't die the 13 lives (14 if you count your first life) in all the waves... You just went full retard.
  8. yep. get used to it. not a single word about it from a dev or anything as far as i can tell either. just another thing being swept under the rug for later if at all.
  9. Trendy, for the love of god.... test your **** before release. rofl the only reason im replying to this is because the last 6 threads ive read end in that line. if im lying im dying.
  10. Yes, please. Please implement a method by which people who do not want to run afk shops can still participate in the game. i agree with ya. they shouldnt be "afk" shops but rather just shops in general. let people set them up for a period of time, say 1 hour and then log off. after an hour it'll close. then again with steam, i wouldnt count on it being up for more than 30 minutes lol.
  11. i think someone sat at their desk and said, "hey lets nerf piercing shot damage AND add a 4 sec cooldown which is actually longer than 4 seconds in game... then while we're at it, we'll ninja nerf their traps outside of nightmare along with auras." incremental is a hard word bromandudes.
  12. Huntress82 people have been complaining about grind is many rpgs, >grind >rpg >not an rpg >not an mmo >dungeon defenders = (tower defense - tower defense) + 3rd person action game >dungeon defenders = 3rd person action game now
  13. This is probably going to go unread but for the people who can, you might learn something What? That's not the problem that people are having... Steam disconnects, everything that connects to the internet has a chance to do so. Let's say that DD is the act of walking between two buildings on a tightrope, the rope being steam. If the rope breaks, sure Trendy could have put a safety net under you but it's not their fault the rope broke. you must be new to the interwebnets. allow me to explain. steam cloud is required to be online for you to connect to trendynet. if the cloud goes down, or you
  14. how about that crossplatform debate that went on before with people saying i was retarded to think it would be a long time if at all until it happens. content on platforms and pc are entirely different. gg. not happening.
  15. They nerfed hero dps so much because they want people to come up with better tower setups. Unfortunately, auras and traps are still the only ones that are effective. were effective. they got ninja nerfed to the ground.
  16. Random loots are random. correction: unscaled loot is unscaled. get it right. they didnt remember to scale the loot with difficulty. again.
  17. we all know they dont test well enough. thank you for pointing it out. they need to either a: keep this game labeled as beta or create a test server before publicly releasing it. theres a lot of things they need to do but itll be a while if at all until they are dealt with. just gotta be patient.
  18. Because the ones who call themselves are just dedicated players mostly... that means they are the ones staying to play and are their target market. The masses buy the game and enjoy it for a short while and find a new game. That is how all games work. Trying to please that crowd will force the others to leave so either way its flawed thinking IMO ;) i recall devs saying they wanted to please the playerbase, not a specific part of the playerbase. that includes the casual and hardcore, whether dedicated longterm or not. so why they would turn a tower defense game into a third person acti
  19. only dcing and crashing since 7.13. therefore, it's the patch.
  20. >NM released to make towers more viable > traps and auras nerfed outside nightmare
  21. Its actually a good move. I know, i'm complimenting instead of pointing out flaws. Unheard of. This will make casual gamers happier and make things less irritating.
  22. "Wah wah they won't spend literally every second of their day to fix my problem!" There's a time when ranting is appropriate. This isn't it. He paid for a game and its content that repeatedly screws people over. He has the right to complain. This game needs to be tagged beta because that's what players are right now; beta testers.
  23. thx dude seems like only 10% in here know how things work .... Apparently you two are the 10% that fail at understanding it is partially their fault because they choose to use steams cloud and its been failing since release.not release of DD but the cloud. It desyncs and has to be maintained too frequently to be reliable right now. They need to switch hosts or get their own server. I ran my own physical server for a private wow service and it didn't cost much at all.for a company actually profiting, it would be simple.
  24. and i guarantee they wont be banned :P hard to confirm they are hacking unless trendy looks into their items.
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