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  1. all hail our community overlord :)
  2. of all things why does it have to be EV? not only that but the same abilities and towers? make it fresh and new and not recycled. Also, howcome only FEW people get to "try" it out and maybe extend this showcasing thing to early access players for those who had EA? that would keep me happy and not rant constantly about this. but watever. we'll see where it goes because like dd1 ev was broken so im not holding my breath for improvements
  3. thank you. now if someone can close this thread for me that'd be great.
  4. just signed up for the forums and the best place i can think of posting this is here. i was just wondering if you have to be active in forums to get that chance on getting a beta key? i know game isnt in beta yet, i know its under construction hardcore and the vids of DD2 are superb. all i want is a simple straight answer to my question in the the first 2 lines lmao. thanks for replaying
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