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  1. lol huh? Couldn't have possibly been the fact that almost every high floor climber in the old onslaught was spamming bees? I haven't used bees regularly since the NM4 days. Plus I love fun powerful things. I am 100% not a member of the fun police and have never asked Trendy / Chromatic to nerf anything since the game began.
  2. Fun Maps! https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009954585/
  3. To answer your question. Vicious is extremely effective on Reflect Beams because of how range scalars work. Vicious is the only way you can get to the maximum explosion range on a reflect beam while only using one shard or mod. In addition, Vicious is actually worse on a flame aura then a regular ungilded Deadly Strikes. Once again, based off of the range scalar. So you are better off using Deadly Strikes on a Flame Aura, even in an ungilded state. If you want to use your reflect beam as a source of damage, you should certainly go with Vicious. The range of the explosion is indeed important.
  4. Anti Ranged is the counter mod to Anti Melee. It increases damage done to ranged mobs. It would work on Skyguards as Wyverns and Lightning Bugs are Ranged Enemies. However, remember that Kobold flyers and Kobolts are not ranged mobs. Works on ground lanes vs Ranged enemies as well.
  5. Aquanos Moonbase and Sky City please :)
  6. Like Majean mentioned, the Crown flairs were from a race and are not score related in any way. It was a race to see who could complete first. So sadly, these crowns are all issued out and are not currently obtainable.
  7. If you are in the one community it is /c1 to talk in it then /g to return to general. Just chat only atm.
  8. Yea....Just good luck finding them. I check all servers like 4-5 times perday and might see one for sale every few days for too much :(
  9. Finally got me one :) Took 176 total floors including a rerun of floor 35-50 with my wife.
  10. and still haven't seen one :( Wish I would have never wrote down the floor of the last one haha.
  11. Yea I have had a turn of bad luck over the last two days as well. Know it's just the RNG though as everyone else in the group celebrates their new 10/10 every 15 seconds
  12. Yup just a tooltip fix. Verified this from videos from a few days ago. So never fear :)
  13. I would love to see the Jester make a return. Was no doubt my favorite DPS Hero from DD1!
  14. Personally I think two months to gear all your heroes for a hardcore player like yourself is really a good number. At some point you have to consider yourself geared and start pushing end game and climbing floors. I mean it doesn't take 2 months to do say 30+ Ancient Power resets, it shouldn't take two months to find your gear if you are blasting out 7 minute maps. Now imagine how long it would take 75%+ of the player base. So I 100% agree with your disagreement.
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