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  1. I don't believe the wave matters at all. But...once again, my cats are not near that good. Now to be fair I didn't grind kitties like I did rocks, so only have about 10. All 10 suck compared to that haha.
  2. I personally use both regularly, traps on almost every build.
  3. I am pretty sure the OP is referring to requiring precision placement. In DD placement is much less forgiving then DD2. Slight tweaks of placement in DD could make or break your run as far as like avoiding that Goblin Rocket, or dealing with the massive cleave ranges of melee enemies. In DD2 of course if you have strong mods / shards placement becomes much less of a factor. Not positive, but I think that is what the OP is referring to. On that note to the OP, DD1 and 2 are both fantastic games, just different. If you play in to DD2 a bit further you will run in to many things you miss from DD1, but many things you love about DD2. Everyone has their favorites, but choosing one game over the other just means you are missing out on a great game experience in the other!
  4. Dice Pet FTW! Long time casino Craps dealer so the Dice were a must have the second I first saw them! https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009954585/
  5. My favorite moment from DD is without a doubt my first Aquanos NMHC Survival Clear. Failed so many times with 1 or 2 waves left, I still remember that terrible build I was using all these years later :P https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009954585/
  6. Huntress traps are really strong as well. There is a need for more defense health for sure to mitigate the constant repairs. The Thunder Spike appears to be the hardest hitting defense in the game so far. It is perfect for putting back at your walls away from the fodder. This allows for minimum repairs but still gives you a massive WAPOW at the wall for when Ogres get there!
  7. Should be the "Casting" stat not Defense Rate. If it is currently working from defense rate that is probably a bug imo.
  8. That right there, is a thing of beauty. I will leave my screenshots in a hidden folder after seeing this one :P Grats to you!
  9. Juicebags


    Where da Ult++ card slinger at? Not pretty, but it's a win :P https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009954585/
  10. lol huh? Couldn't have possibly been the fact that almost every high floor climber in the old onslaught was spamming bees? I haven't used bees regularly since the NM4 days. Plus I love fun powerful things. I am 100% not a member of the fun police and have never asked Trendy / Chromatic to nerf anything since the game began.
  11. Fun Maps! https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009954585/
  12. To answer your question. Vicious is extremely effective on Reflect Beams because of how range scalars work. Vicious is the only way you can get to the maximum explosion range on a reflect beam while only using one shard or mod. In addition, Vicious is actually worse on a flame aura then a regular ungilded Deadly Strikes. Once again, based off of the range scalar. So you are better off using Deadly Strikes on a Flame Aura, even in an ungilded state. If you want to use your reflect beam as a source of damage, you should certainly go with Vicious. The range of the explosion is indeed important.
  13. Anti Ranged is the counter mod to Anti Melee. It increases damage done to ranged mobs. It would work on Skyguards as Wyverns and Lightning Bugs are Ranged Enemies. However, remember that Kobold flyers and Kobolts are not ranged mobs. Works on ground lanes vs Ranged enemies as well.
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