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  1. 3! [Insert random words so that the forum accepts my post]
  2. Yogurt unicorns nom on potatoes. H I L I H Hello, I Like Intelligent Horses Z E R O S
  3. I'm leaning in the direction of a astronaut with heavy satellite strikes and probe mines :p
  4. Update: The Council build is still experiencing technical difficulties. We're actively trying to fix these issues. We'll keep you posted throughout the day. Take your time :D All our patience will always be worth it in the end.
  5. The genres i play are so discombobulated from Goat Simulator to Infamous: Second Son to Dota 2. I'm sorry if I offended any LoL fans by saying Dota 2 :p
  6. Did Undertakers Take Josh Killing? G U I T A R Haha! The fun hath been doubled! G U I T A R is more than five letters but okay: George Understands Interesting Thoughts About Rats M O N E Y
  7. I write with my hand really close to the paper and hold my writing utensils differently, but I have great handwriting so I must be doing it right :D
  8. Just overlook Kevin's eclectic reasoning. C U R V E Crud, Underwater Red Vultures Explode. D U T J K
  9. Little Lemmings Are My Acquaintances G R I P A Galloping Rhinos Inspire Poor Armadillos J O K E R
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