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    Make pet food stack

    Yes please, the pet food takes up so much inventory space.
  2. Welcome back! That's a great portrait :)
  3. Hi everyone! Great idea to have a thread to introduce ourselves. In-Game Name: MarloesFavorite Hero: I can't chose just one, I have a severe case of altitis...Other Games You Play: Currently I'm also playing Final Fantasy IX. In general, I really enjoy playing RPG's and I'm a fan of board games like Mage Knight. Favorite online comic: xkcd and the Order of the Stick
  4. I love to read, I crochet, and I spend way too much time watching shows on Netflix. Also, do board and card games count as a separate hobby? ;-)
  5. Not sure if this will be of any help to you now (maybe it can still help someone else), but I was struggling with this very annoying issue as well and I was finally able to 'resolve' it. What I did was turn off auto sorting for all my bags. Then I moved specific items that I wanted to keep (like pet eggs and food) to my 3rd and 4th bag (just my preference) and I sorted those manually. I then turned auto sorting back on for 1st and 2nd bag. I haven't had any problems since. Before, it seemed like the game would (randomly?) take items from any bag that had auto sorting enabled and dump them in another bag that had auto sorting on.
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