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  1. Auction over, all winning bidders add me to trade :) Ill be online tomorrow.
  2. 24 hours have passed so AeroZ and Ziggy you have both won your items. Please add me to trade! <3
  3. Great idea for a contest. Havent tried to solo these yet so will get started! Mystymire: [spoiler] My first attempt was 28:53 so wont even bother posting a screenshot! [/spoiler]
  4. Ryan Giggs, because even as a Chelsea supporter you still cant hate Giggsy.
  5. As a new player I dont really know enough to set a min bid on each item so I just ask that people bid fairly and reserve the right to keep an item should I think a bid is unfair :p
  6. Interested in this huntress? [spoiler] [/spoiler] Edit : Also found this little fella hiding on my series EV [spoiler] [/spoiler]
  7. C/O's Supreme armour C: 1 cube Aeroz Trans Dps armour C: 2 coal ZiggyZlayer
  8. Hey guys I'm a lab runner and thus collect a lot of items throughout the week so I'm going to start doing weekly sales/auctions starting each Sunday. Pretty new so not 100% which items are worth selling so if something isnt great please forgive me for including it in the sale! Please bid with cubes coal 1:6 :) Bid with this format - 'item type' 'item number/letter' 'bid amount' 'your steamid' e.g. - trans dps armour A - 1 cube - darigandevil C/O's in the next post, will end the auction in 6 days or 24 hours after the most recent bid on a particular item. Items have reasonable reserve
  9. 30 minutes remaining. Much excite to get my first cubes :P
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