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  1. Thank you so much for the tips! I will start playing the campaign again. I am super excited to jump back into Etheria!
  2. Good Day, Etheria! It's been awhile. I apologize deeply for my extended absence. I joined up with the United States Military, did all kinds of officer training and other things before finally having the chance to come back to my favorite mystical land. I booted up the game, super excited to see all the things that have changed, and what do you know, EVERYTHING has changed! My question to all of you is... where do I start? Anyone able to help an ol' Defense Councilor find his way? You are all the very best, never forget that! HPTSparky
  3. As long as the staff can evolve my baby dragon into an elder dragon!
  4. Well, now i know what I am going to be doing for the rest of forever.
  5. Good! Then the debate is settled! Team Ramsters are victorious!
  6. Gutu is a professional artist guys! Those paint documents are works of art.
  7. I would indeed pay way more for it As would I! Give me a "time set" for every hero and I would be incredibly happy! Gigazelle...get on it man! :P
  8. I apologize my good friends, but I am using my limited necromancer powers to resurrect this thread once again. Mostly because we can see that they exist in the game, but every time I play with my friends I am forced to say that they don't have a name yet. Any progress? [[3220,hashtags]] EDIT: This should be an influence vote!
  9. Make more Ramsters!!! O crap, wrong thread...sorry guys :/
  10. Using the [[3215,hashtags]]! https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/118700/dear-trendy-i-made-you-a-sword?scrollTo=1115628 Shameless plug is shamless! :P
  11. How awesome would it be if you equipped this on the squire and he turned back into the DD1 squire?!!!!! That would be amazing! Great job as always my good sir!
  12. Well this got heated really quick! [[76481,users]] got his answer, can we please all calm down? There is no need to start a console war or "PC master race" conversation here.
  13. but but how can the long answer be 1 letter shorter than the short answer D: @__@ Because both words were created by the same evil genius who named the symptom "lisp" with an "S" in it
  14. I think this would be nice idea :) I already like what they have done with the bag icons, buying additional bags, etc. I think the bag system is really fleshed out.
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