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  1. im feeling with you...where can i subscribe it? DD1 is much better than this...i hope they can patch a lot of more content soon.
  2. I dont think we will get the Achievement if the event is over. thats the problem. We dont need the weapon for good armory or equip, we want only the Spooky 2015 Achievement and the Title.
  3. I know, i have a Thread in Discussions, but i think its a bug. I cant start the Spooky Event Missions, but the Tavern has the Halloween look. The Badge at the Top right corner is also active. The event ends normally at Tuesday, and thats the problem. Me and my friends solved yesterday the 2 Maps on chainsaw massacre, and now we need only 2 Weapons to solve the complete Achievement. So...is it a bug that i cant start the Spooky maps? I hope someone can reactivate it again for the last day. Sorry for two posts (1 in discussions, 1 here). But there are different :-) If this post count as spam, de
  4. Try playing on the easiest difficulty and you will get those weapons in no time. They don't have to be on NM to appear. Just make sure you are the specific class you need and open as many of the small black chests with the yellow lock on them for a higher chance at getting the weapon you want. Thats not the Problem. We farm the weapons on Ghastly, the problem is that the event is closed. i cant start the maps right now, they are not available. Thats the problem. They said 1 week later, but right now, thats only 6 days more, not 7. The tavern is in Helloween look, and at the right top ist the
  5. Halloween event closed yet? Why not at Tuesday?They said 1 week later.(The Patch and new Monthly came at Tuesday the 3rd!) so the Halloween event must normally ends at Tuesday the 10th. i cant start the maps right now! Come on guys, Me and my friends need only 2 Halloween weapons to complete the Halloween Achievement for the title. So pls, reactivate it. Actually thats really frustrated!We fight so hard last night to solve the two maps on the Chainsaw Massaccre difficult. Please do something! Chester
  6. My Location: Europe - Germany My Friend's Location: Europe - Germany ( i tried it to 4 diffrent friends, i invite them and they invite me) Invited My Friend to My Private Tavern: Didn't Work; Server currently not available Invited My Friend to My Social Tavern: - Didn't Work; Server currently not available Invited My Friend to My Private Match (an actual map): Didn't Work; Server currently not availableInvited My Friend to My Public Match (an actual map): -Didn't Work; Server currently not available
  7. 1 Cube and 2 Coal for Admiral http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197973632798
  8. 5 coal for the admiral http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197973632798
  9. 1 Cube on Admiral http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197973632798
  10. 2 coal for the 3rd item :-) (gloves) ID: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197973632798
  11. Thats NOT an ULT 100, its an Ult 93 :-) sorry for the late answer greets Chester Auction end added
  12. Here the Blaster. 308dmg per up Max basedmg: 124974 Good 1st & 2nd Ability if u want up the bulletspeed, u get 1178 points per up. C/O: 2 Cube i dont know when the auction will end yet. happy bidding :-) Auction End: Wednesday(today) 04:00pm
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