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  1. I'll just see myself out... T^T Glad I get some people to keep my inflated head to small size tho;) Maybe I should hold an otter roast. The comedic kind not the eating kind! You can slowly lower your fork and knife back down to the table... yes you, I see you holding them... All the way down flat... that's good... shh...
  2. WTSO = Wanting To Show Off Hi guys! As of this post my steam account says I have 3,728 hours played in Dungeon Defenders. I have made so many memories, friends, and lovely experiences playing this game over the last few years^.^ I went from a lost and confused player in Deeper Well medium to having tea with the Old One on nmhc. I joined steam groups, made friends, farmed my butt off, entered contests & giveaways, and traded for everything I couldn't get rng to bless me with. I was given the opportunity to help develop the game and accepted a place on the CDT. I was able to create a couple
  3. It is located in your DD folder under Development\Src\Engine\Classes\Console.uc line #494. Change the 64 to whatever you want if(Len(Text) == 1 && Len(TypedStr) >= 64)
  4. to color the forged by or description of items you add color tags. For example if I want a red color forgedBy I can type: setEquipmentForgerName <COLOR:255,0,0>This is red</COLOR> Format is <COLOR:[red],[green],[blue]>[text]</COLOR> where RGB values are 0-255. You can have multiple colors in one thing as well by using multiple tags. However you will quickly run into chat character limit. There is a way to modify a line in the udk files to increase the chat limit but I've forgotten where
  5. Armor can't be colored on the ground nor in the icon. Best you can do for armor is to use zamira
  6. Yep, like others have responded, general opinion is that items received during the event and leftovers given by hosts are traced. I agree with them. If events in DD were something else (e.g. in-game code/logic/timed rewards) then I would say there should be no extras. But this way of doing things matches best with how events work (not built-in to the game, volunteer driven). I disagree, trace sheet is more aptly named participation sheet which they name correctly in the last one. That sheet is for people who participated. Additional sheet might be nice but not worth the bookkeeping effort req
  7. The Events team makes only 1 batch of items for an event. They have to make enough to make sure they don't run out during the weekend.So at the end of the event there are always leftover items in each hosts' possession that were the cushion for having enough to give every participant. Instead of dropping them in lava, hosts keep them and then are directed to give them away in competitions/rng giveaways as those others have said. Spreads out the fun and spices the off weeks up a little bit:) source: I was previously involved with events
  8. For those interested in submitting an idea, it's not quite so hard as needing the skills to "model" an item. All you have to do is type cheat codes*** inside the Dungeon Defender's Development Kit (free download under Tools in your Steam library) to change item characteristics. I will try to list a concise set of steps here that resourceful people could get set up, I will also volunteer for questions in my forum pm's if you need a little extra guidance. Download the Dungeon Defender's Development Kit in the Tools section of your Steam library.Navigate to the directory where you have DD ins
  9. If on Windows, go to Network and Sharing Center | Change adapter settings...then make sure that any VPN or VMWare adapters are Disabled. Then restart the game and try it (if that's the issue at hand). If you're on any sort of VPN or virtual adapter, the game gets confused and won't let you create a game until those are disabled and you restart the game. One common issue related to this is using Hamachi(a.k.a. minecraft server vpn, does anyone use this for anything else? :P) If you so happen to have this then it is very likely the cause of your problem.
  10. There are certainly many guides written about this, but always good to have things visible in multiple places. Here is one such guide that isn't limited to just dps weapons but has a pretty good section highlighting which are the best by hero class(scroll down to weapon section). For those interested in a way to compare dps weapons regardless of class/type please continue reading: ***The single most important piece of information for evaluating a dps weapon is thenumber of upgrades it has.**** Each weapon has a different damage stat and multiplier so that will throw you off. (e.g. the bes
  11. The DDDK that is available is from before Tinkers lab DLC. It does not have access to any content after that update, so it will always see the missing scripts introduced from community updates and try to build them but fail. Just say no when it asks to rebuild scripts.
  12. Your thread title [WTG]Diamonds implies that you are WTG=Wanting To Give them to others. Altho your op sounds like you are wanting to collect diamonds given to you by others. Just noting a confusing title is all
  13. I found myself tending to my hero shop this evening. A couple friends were just hanging out and the occasional shopping passerby would join in. Although, the slots started to build up and I happened to notice about half the tavern was full at this point. So somehow, the declaration was made: If the tavern shop fills up all 16 slots, some event items will be given away. Joins were gotten through reaching out to friends. But there was also a healthy number of other strangers joining who had no idea as to the situation. The chat was punctuated with 11/16, 12/16, 13/16's as the minutes passed. F
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