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  1. So I've been in off and on since the start and I'm finally back. Figured I'd give it another chance with the new update. Of the extra heroes which is worth buying first? I've seen dryads seem to be popular, but is that the best first buy, what about second? Is there a generally agreed upon list or not? Also is poison dart still good because I keep seeing references to it being amazing?
  2. The, adds magic resist and adds physical resist to the enemies should give extra when stacked together. I'm really not sure about the snare on damage though, that would be just superirritating. In general though, I love the concept.
  3. Don't think it is a bug. I mean I think they plan on letting you run a traptress and a dps huntress in one deck
  4. I feel like if they make a mechanic class one of it's abilities would have to be a single target upgrade to a defense. This would heal the defense to full and largely increase it's stats for 30-60secs, how long could be based off of AP stat. And yeah what Draco said is true, but I like the concept anyways :)
  5. If they do bring back armor sets I would prefer a lot less then the amount of sets in dd1, maybe 4. Other then that +1
  6. Never Say Never (don't know why I watched this movie but eh)
  7. Actually, drops are closer to the royal purple of the forums, the spawn points are closer to magenta. lol Draco, only you would notice that. :D
  8. Since DU is dependent on cost would these towers cost more the longer they are?(this would be a neat mechanic). Also have you played yet? There are no elemental resists btw. I'm for walls that you get to choose the length of since blockades are almost useless right now, anything that improves their usability is good in my book. Edit. I voted yes to wall extensions, not sure about the wall abilities themselves though. Too sick right now to take the time to come up with other options.
  9. I bet they will whipe everything again, fckng TE can't do anything normal all they do best is a bug parade! How the fck is possible than later wave - less mana? Show me or tell me, give me an example when you progress you get less resoursers? THERE IS NON!!!!!! Umm Than, You realize this is Pre-Alpha right? Or are you just kidding?
  10. Ok I can deal with that but the really good recipes have to be really rare, don't want another DDE NM mode.
  11. Well... I can see this either working brilliantly or getting super irritating. My issue with it is that the first few maps in DD came without any ogres so that means no gear at all, which would make it almost impossible to progress. On the other if the top 10% of gear was only boss rewards that had to be crafted I would be ok with that. So to the absolute idea no, if it was implemented so that only mini bosses (ogres) and bosses dropped great loot I would be ok with that.
  12. "Deck Leveling" hasn't even come to the councilors yet, but our internal discussions with each other have us (at least a few of us who've said anything anyway) leaning in favor of the idea. Once we get a chance to actually play with it that might change (and it might not), but it largely revolves around the fact that for solo play, having access to a wide variety of towers is very beneficial, and not having to grind old maps to level up a second toon makes the game more fun. I agree with Draco fully on this.
  13. One thing about the maps being really difficult is that when this game adds the hero deck mechanic you will have 3 heroes to work with, which will make it significantly easier.
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