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    Item Check Thread

    ic pls These 2 are certainly hacked. You would need someone more knowledgeable to check the coat and clava. Wow, did not expect the gloves would be possible with that high value and ups.
  2. afis

    Item Check Thread

    sorry for double post (back button)
  3. afis

    Item Check Thread

    Okay thank u very much . I dont know why i see so many ( 2^^ ) hackers with Paypal/Hacked Gear theese days . Normally they are kinda rare cause most people arent that dumb and see 1. that this stats look impossible and 2. they dont pay real money for ingame items. Have a n1 day Pancakez and ty for your help so far. my guess: 1) people got used to seeing obsidian weapons everywhere, so idea of what is possible Ult++ is inflated 2) ult++ so rare few people see it in-game and have a benchmark, and even those that have one have seen trans vary from 8-16 mil starting price, so they exe
  4. Looking to buy a diamond, can't really afford the double or triple-caps. I plan to use it for my summoner so if 1-cap it must be tower dmg or tower hp. (not interested in rate_ 4 cubes for non-cap 8 cubes for 1-cap seems average price on big auctions, willing to negotiate if above average but below cap stats.
  5. Stop right there. I just...I don't know what to say. Hackers do not "sometimes" hack. They hack everything all the time. Remove him from your friends list and socially excommunicate him. Why would they hack everything? Even if every single item they equip is hacked (good chance half of it is, some of it obviously so), they still get items just from playing the game. And someone wanting to make the best used of OP items would still be playing stages like WW, akati, tink lab etc. and therefore naturally have good non-hacked items as well that need to be sold off. [QUOTE]Please do no
  6. [QUOTE]Also you posted a Gladius and not a sparus. Different items have different stats. [/QUOTE] The clavas and glads I have gotten self-farm and the ones I have seen on IC and auctions seemed about the same stat-wise (except of course dmg) so I assummed all obsidian weapons had their own stat set. aka obsidian different from normal weapons but similar to each other.
  7. This sparus is hacked. Edit: Did your 'friend' farm this? Yes I got it from a friend who sometimes hacks (triple-cap trans) but I saw little reason to suspect it since I got: as a self-farm, and I see little reason why someone would hack a ult+ to be weaker (total stats and highest stat) than a supreme. So I figured he was just getting rid of an item he did not need. Also, I have seen ult with 400 upgrades, so the item looked perfectly possible to me.
  8. afis

    Item Check Thread

    thanks you for the armor check btw, still never got anyone to check the cornucopia trying to get an answer if hacked or possible?
  9. Auction cancelled, still leaving thread open to continue a discussion, and because I have no clue how to erase it anyway.
  10. Not really sure what these are worth, so auction seems good way to find out. bids in coal or cubes please. 6:1 sorry the seconds is half-upgraded, used it to spend down mana in survival a bit
  11. I know winter wonderland weapons are generally not considered the best, but ult should still be worth something, so I decided to auction off the ones I collected Accepted: coal, cubes, or mana tokens (1 bil each) Bids in increments of at least 1 billion. CO: awaiting bids
  12. third post, got to maximize my chances.
  13. That took an incredibly long time... but I really wanted those glads. [spoiler][/spoiler]
  14. wow, never realized cats worth quiet this much, good luck on the auction.
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