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  1. cant post images on my new account, so had to dig up this one https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199055566802/
  2. Well first off, lemme know if you happen to find a double cap for 10cv, because about 95% percent of playerbase who actually has diamonds, will value them at 15cv. But actually the feeling of accomplishment aftert farming for your own dia is enough to make almost anyone try to farm one. And maybe some of us are playing because its fun, not for the stat race. Personally, i enjoy both, but i also cant stand to do lab. Maybe we shouldnt look at how efficent a map is, but how much you enjoy it.
  3. So i have 2 of what i think are great ideas. 1. Add a button on every item thats prevents it from being accidentally sold to tav keep. Personally i have already sold multiple drills and some nice armor to tav keep on accident. 2. Make there be a way to price ALL items in same folder at 1 time. I have got 15 pages of trans armors in my shop that i wanted to make the same price, and yet i spent like 2hrs pricing each and every one individually. This would save countless players a good chunk of time.
  4. Ending the auction. Ziglasdk has contacted me and bought it for my reserve
  5. Welp. Ending auction and will not be selling the item, as it did not meet my reserve. If you would like to buy it for 10cv, contact me on steam-Butterflyboy12
  6. Errr. I think its 8cv by ger. But Im not selling for less than 10
  7. Auction ends in just a day. Get your hands on a ++ capping pet, great for squire or app
  8. Auction ends in a day everyone. Bump
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