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  1. Tried again just now. Another crash on Endless Spires wave 14. The wave was nearly done and I was not using speed boost this time...
  2. Crashed again on Endless Spires wave 14 survival. I am starting to believe the monks hero boost ability is related to the crashes.
  3. I have crashed twice on Alchemical lab today, once on wave 22 and once during the boss fight. Its also happening on other maps, but it seems especially bad here as also indicated by another post here on the forum. I hope this can be addressed quickly. Additional info: Massacre hardcore rifted I was the host 2 players Monk and Rogue Monkey and giraffe pets Slow auras, tower buff beam, physical beam, reflection beam, ethereal spike trap, roots of purity, wisp den, beaming blossom.
  4. Its nearly been 24 hours.. I would have thought that a game breaking bug was a number one priority?
  5. Happens to me and my friend as well. Can't really play anymore until this gets fixed.
  6. SID = Evil-D LINK = http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197999203342/
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