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  1. My understanding from the notes above is that it's not a "save" system but a chance to replay a failed map. If you fail map 3 then you get to retry or re roll it but if you leave to tavern then you're back to map 1.
  2. Here's an idea that would only work with EV2. What about a mechanic that increases the shards strength based on how many nodes are in the chain? Bring more choice in deciding how strong the utility should be. Using the above as an example. Range Boost: Defenses affected by Buff Beam gain 20% Range. Gain 5% more for each node in the same chain. So then Range Boost could potentially give up to a maximum of 45% extra range on defenses if you build the maximum amount of nodes in that particular chain. (If I remember correctly it's 5 nodes?) You can now decide if it's worth going for a larger bonus with a higher DU cost or go for the smaller boost but potentially have 2 placed down in different locations. Something that'll change with each maps build.
  3. I actually gave up untill I realized I might have a shot still!! Did I make it after you "group the groups"?  Looking at the board, if I've read it right then yes you'll be 9th place.
  4. Good luck with where ever you land next Isom. If you end up in Destiny 2 I hope to run into you in the Crucible at some point.
  5. The leaderboards are the main reason I still jump into DD2 as I've got my characters that I want geared up already. They're far from perfect but if they weren't there then I'd have no reason to play.
  6. I jumped into the leaderboard challenge yesterday and my first few attempts at it have been pretty fun. I agree that it shouldn't be down to RNG for the mob types and bosses but the different towers / use more towers is a pretty fun idea as it brings out the towers I never really use. One main issue for me though is that right now challenging the leaderboards forces everything to be done on wave 1 which makes it frantic but then from wave 2 onwards it's loses that feeling. Still for a first pass it's given me a reason to jump into the game again since most of my characters are at C7 already.
  7. This would be a perfect time to go old school for some of the mutators by bringing back some of the DD1 challenges. No Towers Allowed - Finish all the waves with no towers. Are your heroes strong enough? Tower Defence Strategy - Finish all the waves with only towers. Hero and pet attacks and abilities are locked. Hardcore Mode - Enemies have more health and deal more damage. The player only has one life per wave. Can you survive? Unlikely Allies - Protect your friendly gobu from the enemy! (I know a certain someone who would love this!) Warping Core - The crystal will warp to a different place at random intervals. Stay alert! It might move in front of your defences! Moving Core - Instead of warping the crystal will constantly move around the map. Make sure you keep up with it. Raining Gobus - Gobus are falling from the sky instead of coming from the lane! Conventional lane tactics won't work! Magical Malthius - Malthius has managed to create invincible clones of himself but his spell isn't perfect. Find the vulnerable Malthius clone and defeat it to make another one vulnerable. Defeat them all to win! Ogre Crush - Incoming Ogre army! Kobold Kaboom - Incoming waves of Kobolds! Will your defences hold up to them? (Could also include EMP Kobolds at higher levels) Taunted! - One player at random is chosen as the legions next meal and they want it badly! Enemies will chase down the player and the player moves slower and has a hard time jumping. Air Superiority - The flying squadron has arrived. Take out these troublesome air enemies before they get to your crystal.
  8. 1. A 2. C 3. C 4. B 5. B 6. A 7. A Hard counters have been an interesting addition to the game but it does take away some of the fun if you can't use your favorite tower to advance.
  9. I'm still under ascension level 100. Completed C5 though. You'll be fine :P
  10. Cheers for everything Fozzie. Hopefully see you back sometime in the future. I'll be trying out the patch tonight to see what stuff is in store.
  11. I like the idea of taking excess shards that we have and trading them in for one that we do want. The ratio would need to be decided by Trendy but a 20 to 1 ratio seems fair. However what I'd like to see is for each Chaos difficulty to have their own shards only. So if you wanted a C1 shard then you go and do C1, C2 for C2 then C3 for C3 and so on where as right now as you advance through the chaos difficulties you are adding more to the pool which is making it harder. Or another suggestion would be to add each of the Chaos shard packs to the end of level chest. This would mean at the end of C1 you get a campaign shard pack and a C1 shard pack. Then if you were to finish a C5 map you would get a campaign shard pack, C1 pack, C2 pack, C3 pack, C4 pack and a C5 pack. Although this might be a little extreme.
  12. Legendary loot right now feels like it's in a better place compared to Pre Trials. It's not dropping like candy anymore which is good. Personally not a fan of the idea that Legendary loot should only drop with maximum upgrade levels. Upgrade levels are one of the RNG elements that you have to get lucky with and if it only has 30 or 45 upgrade levels then it's not completely trash, it just won't be the maximum you can get and can use it as a temporary upgrade however maybe remove it's ability to drop at 15 upgrade levels.
  13. Oh no! My Apprentice got nerfed. Thank you Halberd it was good while it lasted! xD Chaos maps are going to be interesting now. Wonder what builds people will think of with the new enemy revisions.
  14. hey I know you :) lol you can see him jumping to the core at the mini map I dont think I can report this as a bug because I dont know what even happened Yeah you can see the little dot go. I was playing with Saint at the time and he didn't see him go past. OP new enemy. Hmm good point with the bug reporting. I'd still try report it and see if others have had a similar issue as this is something that is pretty major imo. You're sure it wasn't a flying kobold?
  15. Yeah things like that are not fun right now. Had a similar experience but at least I know what killed mine. Couldn't do anything about it though. Twitch Clip of the teleporting enemy. Make sure you bug report if you haven't done so already.
  16. I agree with the idea of Chaos X shards only drop on Chaos X trials maps. That at least lets us aim for a specific set of shards instead of playing harder maps and being rewarded something from C1.
  17. I think it should be made easier to tell if something is an upgrade. Nice little thumbs up or down ala DD1 please Trendy? :D For example if you have a mythical with upgrade level 45/45 and it's around say 4000 defence power and you find a Legendary with upgrade level 1/30 with 3600 or so the game should tell you if it's an upgrade without you having to level it to 30/30. However I don't think it should be made easier to get legendaries. Before the patch legendaries were dropping like candy and it wasn't a surprise when it dropped. Now it's closer to that feeling of a legendary item but it also mean that it might not be the perfect one when it drops.
  18. Ignorance at it's finest. If the reason for the outage does not concern you then do not post and complain about the outage either as it reaks of entitlement. The number of players had nothing to do with the outage. The game is hosted by Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services had a massive outage lasting approximately 6 hours which affected much more than just Dungeon Defenders II, some other services include twitch.tv, Titanfall2, Rocket League, Imgur, Razer and GitHub. The fact that it happened on patch day was unfortunate but there was nothing Trendy could do.
  19. Entirely depends on patch day but I'm aiming for the following Slot 1 - App - Tower DPS Slot 2 - Squire / Dryad - Walls / DPS depending on setup Slot 3 - EV2 - Tower DPS Slot 4 - Gunwitch - Hero DPS.
  20. Yes because of Christmas holidays. Support staff are no different from any other staff member in any other job and deserve time off too. Typical Christmas holidays start around 20-22th of Dec and last for approximately two weeks which means some have literately just ended and people got back to work today. I'm sorry that you feel wronged by this but I certainly wouldn't like to be told to work over the Christmas break.
  21. I almost managed the fusion dance... Almost. http://i.imgur.com/SCvCTL5.jpg
  22. Tower skins currently do not exist but hopefully many will be implemented and special collectors skins given to everyone who purchased the collectors edition of the game. However right now Trendy are focusing on Endgame content and reworks of some systems as can be read about here https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/142159/dev-log-93-happy-holiday-hints
  23. Argick


    My wife's little brother is addicted to Overwatch, so I binged on that, too. GOTY 2016 no doubt. I've got too many games that are GOTY 2016 but Overwatch is most definitely in there.
  24. Argick


    Welcome back! Monthlong vacations are just the best. I've spend my time ploughing though my backlog... Nope been hooked on Overwatch xD
  25. Nice job but the secret has been known since the day the Demon's lair was released. Part of the DD2 community enjoy and dedicate themselves to finding out Easter Eggs / Secrets as fast as possible.
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