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  1. Best genie so far, a bit over 30k upgraded. That is "close enough" to manamaster for all intents unless that has some hidden advantages. Hella rare to get that good though. I have another at 16k and 11k, which is a lot more common and more in the realm of realistically achieveable.
  2. At least you realize that you should not be 'completely sure' about it. At the risk of once again making mods irate, I have to call you out by saying that breaking that manasource just shows how out of touch you are and the entire CDT for all i know - and this time i'll skip public guessing at why that is so. It is like going up to a new and breaking both their arms. Overgeared old asshats (and the usual slew of cheaters) with might trivially get by without even wearing a genie, but gutting it like that is just crippling and it is mindboggling that we even have to begin to explain how hard that will hit. If you are going to break the "glitch", then genies need much better scaling or much more frequent "attack". It gets results, unlike that antiquated redtape thinking that this "glitch correction" is. While im here though (Momoto's match is a bit boring to watch atm), it would do you a lot more credit to put an end to the overhitting "glitch" that gets exploited from all day every day and to hell and back. You know what i am referring to: circumventing certain bossfight limitations, not limited to hawkstriking on the GenieKing and Goblin Gunship. That will of course also be wildly unpopular, but going back and adjusting how those fights work would be a massive improvement and put and end to the "go barb or go home" attitude (with the unspoken implicit expectation of showing up with OP/hacked ult/+/++ weaps). Suggestion: strip those immunity periods competely or drastically lower the number of them to 1-4 making 2-5 dps phases on bosses.
  3. Eagle, lets keep what we all said about DDE out of this and try to put that behind us for a while, we have a game to save from potential ruin at the hands of very uncommunicative people, to say the least. I am talking as much about this team from and about which we've seen and heard nothing since the accouncement and that TE'er, Dani, who pretty much wanted to blackhole (submission form) all the moonbase stuff into a googledoc, where the rest of us cant see it. Unsurprisingly, that has left the moonbase thread dead since friday. However if they truly wanted feedback on the moonbase rewards, it would be 9000x faster to just rig up a dummy in there that give those on each hit, so we dont have to waste so much time getting a reasonable sample size, thus getting a feel for how good it gets and how rare the good are, in order to provide good feedback... instead of hundreds of submissions based on 1-2 runs and getting luck/badRNG providing wildly skewed reports. There were the patchnotes for the first beta 'betaclient_pc', but nothing before or after. That is the entirety of what has leaked to us. Nova has tried to organize some flow the other way with the 'to do' list, but not getting any reponse on that either. It seems as sealed as that whole 'defense council' fangroup they set up for D2. They might not like hearing this, but after DD2 and DDE, the trust has been broken thoroughly in letting closed groups (and otaku echochambers) have the whole and uncontested say in things. I dont expect that you, TE, take everything we say as law, but we want to be able to call out stuff that needs to be stopped or changed, loudly and clearly, since the silent treatment has not worked well and is not like to do so. But we can't do that the way things stand and i geniunely fear that we are going to see a rerun of how the desire for feedback to the DD2 blogs was handled and that the updates will suffer accordingly. If that dark suspicion is right, i'd rather you remove moonbase from the community beta and release what remains of it (as soon as the servants quarter foulup has been fixed). And drop the rest of this patching project entirely.
  4. You probably dont want to hear this, but a lot of it is not there at all. Most of the stuff that actually is there to see is in : development\src\udkgame\classes\*.uc There rest is either basic stuff that comes as part of the U3DK, or emptied stubs. And lets not forget all the 'protected classes' voodoo. Basically you get to see part of the code, not all, they are not promising the full source tree. Just enough to do a bit of mod&map testing in the shallows, on the 7.47 testbinary. Nowhere enough to locate, let alone fix, any bugs.
  5. Posting next to acen to get attention. Confirming that with the new betabuild (community, not betapc): 'k' still kills the player instantly still no chat histiory moonbase rewards still get messed up if you ever drop them (have not tried trading them yet). move-while-place still uses "drag as necessary" not "move with player", which is far superior and IIRC the way it is being done in DDE. Possibly also the reason for the complaints from controller users. The commas are missing from x mana added messages when the map autosells floor loot. E.g. 1200000 mana added instead of 1,200,000 mana added. Major readbility isses since the message is displayed so briefly. However the totals, ( bankmana ), does actually follow the new format. Speaking of mana numbers, might be sensible to move the display of item prices to a ###.### + suffix format, to go with the new format for bank mana. Just a few examples: 1234567890mana is currently 1,234,567,890 mana -> 1.234B 123456789mana is currently 123,456,789 mana -> 123.456M. Not 0.123B, no zero-prefixing. Or go straight to a 4 or 5 signicant digits format. In which case 123456789 -> 123.4M or 123.45M. I think i prefer the 5 digit one, as i ##.###+suffix, with no zero-prefixing. Might also help a little bit against the punks who do searches by mana value when the display does not hold all digits.
  6. Have you chosen to install it in the same directory as DD? Because you are expected to. Or if you did not, you can copy you DD directory on top of the DDDK one. Dont worry about overwriting files, there should not be any conflicts.
  7. Called it 3 months ago, when i told people to stop pushing for this imba shizzle. Heck, lots of others even called it during or right after the voting, so very long ago. The push for getting moonbase was always about 2 things, not for the map itself: 1. The over the top rewards. Primarily. 2. The principle. They promised the map that won the vote. That happened to be this.
  8. Another week of complaining about lack of moonbase, etc. Stop pretending. Practically noone wants moonbase, you all just want that overpowered rifle to enter Ranked (instead of only Open), same story as with tinkerers lab. Such a frequent riflefarmer as you should be very aware of that. To use your own words, Stop playing the ignorant here... let it go, Isom (or whoever is using his profile) is basically only here to be the forumcop. Tbh you are just insulting him and yourself, you can bet they know the score about it being solely about the rifle. Not that ugly out of place poor map with a few gimmicks. It is worse than tinkers and kingsgame for crying out loud. DD1 was EOL'ed right after CES 2013, tinkerers lab was just pulled out of the hat (out of open) to show something at CES and to give us a going away present. And you are all in denial over it. No maps,, no simple fix to broken links, no steam precense at all, no reportpage anymore, nothing - unless you trust the hearsay about accepting cheat reports via email. DDE, the wouldbe DD replacement, is practically dead too. Do you really think the bosses are going to throw manpower at a game that has a peak concurrency of 40 users? Specially after the disastrous feedback on the testweekend? Those behind it are probably hiding under their desks praying fervently not to be the next in line to be "let go". It is all about DD2 and will stay that way until they have so much money that they can afford the luxury of spending time, the right peoples times at that, on these other two. And that is going to take a while if it happens at all... lots of people have wised up and will not go with 'early access' titles anymore. And GL hoping that DD'ers will move over in bulk, that game is so alien graphically (style) and mechanically compared to DD that you could and *should* talk about the "Sequel In Name Only" (aka SINO) problem, though that ship sailed long ago. The other option - letting some of us work on the DD1 code, even for a openonly edition - is right out of the question for all sorts of reasons. I'd happily choose to fly across the altantic to florida to shout some sense into them because i care more than i should, but it is not like i think that it would work, i think that window of hypothetical opportunity closed over a year ago. They have a product and they are practically forced to either commit or fold up unless there is some large pile of money to redo and skip right to DD3 or make DDE awesome. Maybe DD2 will actually be a financial success with a different audience, but to me it looks repulsive and i've not heard much good about the gameplay or overall experience. Even heard some of the previously unshakeable whiteknights come back from there, clearly feeling let down by a unworthy sequel. I suspect i would agree, angrily, so i've avoided going there. Better for me, less bad feedback for them.
  9. People always say that MM has no effect so does that mean that having just NMHC make it better? Will playing NMHCMM hurt your chances? HC: + to drops (=stuff on floor) AND + to rewards (=stuff added directly to your inventory, including pets). MM: + to drops only. HCMM: (HC+MM)+ to drops AND HC+ to rewards. = no improvement over HC for pets. In terms of pets and other rewards HCMM = HC. HCMM will not make them better or worse than HC.
  10. This hotfix did not address any glitches/exploits with the tavern. So let see if I have this right. It only addresses the following: Someone taking away things you are wearing, as in on your active character. Are there limitations to where this applies? In your own tavern, in your hosted game, in someone elses tavern, in someone elses game? And it did not adress: Picking up of locked items (=Stealing) on the tavern floor / private room? Basically, tldr mode, Is it or is it not safe to join the games of other people? Is it or is it not safe to host games again, including going your own tavern?
  11. Akatiti is actually a very simple map. Pretty sure it can be done with 2k stats and 4 active mid-tier players which are boosting by turns. Hence Kings Game with 1500 stats was also possible. You need to block Ogres and that is so easy in Akatiti by building just 2 Gas Traps. The run will take forever but you would beat it :) ok, thats it, i have heard a lot of tall claims from you, but that one, whew, ball out of the park. Dont know what game you are playing, or when you actually did so last time (in your dreams by the sound of it), but ogres keep on trucking on through gas, it provides no meaningful delay to them. It works pretty well on the rest, just not on ogres on any kid of difficulty where it matters like NM, drain aura or not, darkness trap or not. Not that i recall them ever stopping on insane either. Do you have some kind of sneaky cheat that we need to know about that makes them as stunvulnerable as the other mobs? Quite apart from the point that 2 traps wont cover the 3 crystals... Maybe i just have a broken 'hardmode' editon of the game where they dont stop. Else im calling trolling BS on this. Given how laughably easy the game would be if it really did stop ogres (and thus everything short of choppers&bosses), then i have to confess, i am biased towards saying that you are deliberately wrong or stoned out of your mind.
  12. What is this /400 that several are talking about? Mine only goes to 320, why do you have a larger limit?
  13. Are there implications for Open? It has been in the pipe for a long time that the new owners wanted to kill off gamespy - it has been choked in stages since at least dec 2012, see gamenews sites - so do you have anything planned? It would seem logical that you were aware that it was incoming sooner or later - I was and I'm not even working in the industry.
  14. Hey guys, and gals. Ok so in DD1 the weapons had only 1 elemental effect on them (I think, only played on xbox). In DD2 will there be weapons with multiple elemental effects, so immune enemies wont destroy us if we put all the upgrade points into the elemental effect? Thanks. I hope not. You are essentially asking for being saved from the consequences of your gamble (all ups into elemental) when it crashes into a immune enemy. If it happens, i am going to demand enemies with full immunity to all 4 types. Gambling like that should have drawbacks. ps you are already doing it wrong in DD1, quite apart from the silly gamble. Elemental damage does not get scaled. Only a select few weapons, that have no physical damage, get scaling on their primary elemental damage. Like the depthcharge (fire), vanwolfens (electric) and things like that.
  15. Not really a gamebreaker, but a big feature in sake of modding: Please activate the DLLBind-feature in the DDDK if possible. No! It is a carte blanche to indiscriminately cheat and hack, as in malware/spyware on other peoples computers. The 'feature' should be called pandoras box of native code smuggling.
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