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  1. Only wave 20. Then one of the three huntresses decided to go AFK, some defenses blew up and a single Kobold oneshotted the crystal.
  2. I read about four words, and I already know you're wrong. Leave if you're unsatisfied with the game or the community. Simple. Read-> Understand-> Think-> Reply. You've jumped 3 steps of the discussion process, try harder. @OP Wanting to value and confront the price and the duration of the enjoyment you get from a game, DD is an amazing gift. I have currently clocked more than 150 hours and I paid less than 15€. Nowdays we pay 50€ for single-player games that has a 5 hours campaign. Multiplayer-based games are a bit different, but as you said AAA titles rarely releases pat
  3. Ok, just to clarify a couple things. What I did was NOT intentional (therefore it's not hacking or cheating). All I did was to casually come across en exploit in the payment system, and I came here to report it so that Trendy and Steam (I doubt the bug is imputable to a single side) can fix it and avoid money loss. About the characters... I'm simply going to put some money on my card and re-purchase the character pack. No need to discomfort people about this XD Also, if it was a violation of the TOS/EULA, this thread would have been deleted as soon as any moderator read the title.
  4. Ok, I know I'm putting my head in the guillotine with this, but there's a bug between Steam and DD that allows people with "not enough money" on their pre-paid card to unlock the DLC content. I had roughly 5€ on my pre-paid card and not knowing the DD DLC was not a free one I went and bought Orcs Must Die. After that I tryed to buy the character pack and the payment got blocked (Steam refused the Credit Card). Still, when I got back to the game, I saw the message windows informing me that the characters were unlocked. (To be clear, it was not just the message, I currently have all 4 "new" ch
  5. What is this player run shop system that you speak of? Auction House for Trendy Servers??????!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I really hope so, or maybe a furher integration with steam to provide the item-trading service like it's already implemented in TF2, Spiral Knights, Portal 2 ecc.
  6. Same feelings here ^^ Couldn't care less for the warping crystal challenges, but the hero pack is pretty nice.
  7. So basically by refreshing the list the mission would show as intended? Thanks for the explanation ^^
  8. Due to the crazy kicking reason I started hosting my own games, but my connection isn't great and as soon as the fourth player joins the lag fest starts. That means the people who joined suddently won't be able to see enemies or the killcounter on the top-right of the screen. Eventually their weapons disappear ad they are no longer able to attack or use skills. So Join = kick. Host = Uberlag & crying children. Any suggestion on playing multiplayer?
  9. No, it's not on Open mode. There's the TrendyNet logo on the bottom-left corner of the window. And that's mainly the reason why it looked strange.
  10. Found this in the games list and was wondering what was it about. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Eseth/screenshot/632983187936049646/?tab=public Obviously i tryed to join but i got stuck on the "Joining Game" message and eventually sent back to the rooms list.
  11. For gear try Challenges, Ramparts Hard/Spooktacular Hard. Statwise as long as you have 70/70/XX/70 on tower stats and some build/repair speed you should be ok.
  12. Is it just me or they added another effect on the auras? Past 7.08 I started noticing a "wave" emitted from the center of the auras similar to the monk's AoE buffs. Also, it seems that the opacity change is intermittent. If the simplified auras in 7.08 actually allow you to see things, it would be lovely if they were also allowed to be applied to high quality graphical settings instead of being restricted to low. Yeah, it'd be cool to know where the setting is hidden.
  13. Sounds like a good idea to train myself and do that, I'm adding you on Steam, please hit me up when I can join ^^
  14. Seriously? Anyone? Anyone who isn't a horny 10 year old like Eseth? The thread fell down on page 3. Someone here can't resognize a stylish bump, sigh. They are on for me already with Max Settings and I approve of them so much. Steam almost finished patching, did the setting automatically apply or you had to go find it in the UDK Settings? If the second hypotesis applies, could you please indicate what file and what line to modify?
  15. For starters, you'll need a bottle of good wine, a couple candles and some soft music.
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