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  1. Daily defeat unit quests doesnt work for me, and i finished a daily quest but didnt give my reward, even it didnt ask me to pick, its just gone.
  2. i have asked another friends, they lived thr same problem.This accesories have a bug.
  3. Hello everybody, i have bought the squire's armor the Spiked Pauldrons.But when i try to wear it doesnt appear.My hero still wear the old armor.I think this armor have a visiual problem.Did anybody live that problem or is it just me?
  4. i will start in 15 min.Just for this night contact me.ty all.sid:SpawN114
  5. triple goes for 40? XD.ty for information but i will never pay 40 for triple.its just my offer if someone like he can contact me.also i can raise the bid.
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