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  1. Weird how similar the paint is compared to my lupine... xD I just saw the post and thought they looked really similar.
  2. Just came back for a bit of DD and ran the map with Atlas and some others. We didn't do so well... But it was fun either way! Thanks for this guys, it was actually my first event ^^
  3. Calm down guys. The seller has the option has to do whatever he wants with HIS item. If the seller wanted to auction it, and decided to give to a friend instead that is 100% fair. When you bid on an item you never have a 100% chance of winning the auction. That is just my opinion :squire:
  4. I like this idea! It would make it really seem more valuable :D
  5. Pretty funny statement. IF game itself dupes stuff due to the freezing glitch, not my problem AND everyone is well aware of that and these are just for own use not for cube storage purposes. What is the problem buddy?? Lemme me answer for you.There is none. If you have questions do it via pm system or in dd item check and trading chat.This is AN AUCTION THREAD ONLY! Its perfect change for poor people. Ok sorry, I'll let you tend to your auction :)
  6. Is it right to auction duped glaciers though...? It's not like they are any more legit than any other duped glaciers.
  7. Got back from vaction and noticed I need #1 ^^ 15 Cubes on #1
  8. 20 Cubes on the mail gloves. Extremely nice piece! :)
  9. I collect ultimate gauntlets, as well as humongous eggs (I have 18 currently). I do wish that you could spread them across your floor, though. Currently not at my computer, so I will provide some pictures tomorrow... that is if I remember :p EDIT: Here they are [SPOILER] [/SPOILER] EDIT2: Puush doesnt seems to be working at the moment. I'll update later.
  10. 20 Cubes on the Shield of Mirrors.
  11. Ok, 26 on the one wat isn't bidding on.
  12. 25 cube value (armor and cubes) on Battle Cruiser 1 :warrior:
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