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  1. Did the test accounts get items wiped? Just logged in and all the items I had farmed up are gone now.
  2. There are still missing or incomplete core game mechanics. So hopefully not for a long while.
  3. Any chance we can hear about some of the ideas being thrown around in Design Land about the future item enhancement systems?
  4. Adding aggro to the Poison Tower wall build sounds like a really good set bonus idea.
  5. It doesn't really feel like they've reduced the number of item drops. I mean 95 drops is quite a lot.
  6. This should be fixed in the next milestone patch.
  7. I never got a confirmation email back.
  8. I'm pretty sure there are technical limitations as to why the bags can't all be one massive lump.
  9. For all pets I'm pretty sure. I thought they said it was already suppose to be an item that dropped, but it's super rare right now and needs adjusted.
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