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  1. I also think that the LT is currently OP. But lets see where we are at with the other towers and how the LT fits in. We have low DU towers that deal reliable AOE dmg and can kill any trash (traps/electric aura). We have high dps per DU "single lane" towers (harps/fireball....) We have walls. And we have some other "niche" towers When the LT had low dmg it could not compete with other AOE towers because a single LT was too unreliable to clear all the trash on the map and multiple LTs just cost too much DU so there is not enough left for DPS towers. Now the dmg was increased to a point where LTs can actually function as DPS towers. And since they attack the whole map they surpass normal DPS towers where we have a lot of lanes to cover. Now that the LT is a viable DPS tower nothing stops us from just using a lot of LTs which do both jobs, DPS and AOE and that is a problem. Personally I think the LT should not be able to compete with FireTowers/Harps when it comes to killing ogers. However if it is not viable as a DPS turret we come back to the problem that other AOE towers are simply more reliable and apart from a slight speed increase because of the higher range you do not benefit from an LT at all. Therefore I suggest a change such that we can keep the LT a viable Tower but remove the ability to use only LTs by making them less effective the more LTs attack the same target. Something like every aditional LT attacking the same Monster makes the Monster take 10% less dmg. For example: 1LT -> 500k DPS 2LT -> 500k * 2 * 0.9 = 900k DPS 3LT -> 500k * 3 * 0.9^2 = 1215k DPS 4LT -> 500k * 4 * 0.9^3 = 1458k DPS The 10% is just an example, it could also be 15 or anything reasonable. But you can clearly see how this makes stacking only LTs much less powerfull. While you can still use a single LT to attract ogers or kill trash on the whole map. TLDR: I suggest to make multiple LTs less efficient but keeping a single LT untouched. EDIT: The dmg decrease should only count for LTs. All the other towers deal normal dmg.
  2. I am also all for a new difficulty i posted my idea in the Update 4 - QoL Suggestions threat.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a suggestion about a new difficulty. I know this has been discussed a lot, but I think my approach is a bit different than anything discussed before and a lot of people would like it. At the moment almost every game is the same, you setup your build upgrade it and wait for the game to end. Maybe a bossfight here and there, and if you want the best gear there is a definitive place to go to (only few maps). On all the maps there is only one threat: ogers. For anything else you setup your aurastack and you are fine. I would like to change that and also have a bit more player interaction. So my suggestion is a new difficulty where enemies are buffed a lot. I mean so much that every enemytype matters. Goblins should have a high enough healthpool to be able to reach the crystal even if there is an aurastack there. Ogers should be like minibosses as they were in the original campagne. They should spawn a lot less but be so powerfull that the players will have to deal with them. Defenses should however be able to survive some beating from them. Bosses should ofcourse also be scaled up to a level of about the pheonix health. And have reasonable dmg so players don't instantly die but also cannot simply tank the boss without even the need of a Heal- and SD-Aura. Then there are some other things that would need to be changed to make this idea work. Gas traps should not be allowed, they render any groundenemie completly useless, yes even ogers could just get stuck behind a hoard of goblins and the player just focuses them down before dealing with any other enemy and the only threat left would be flying enemies. I dont think this is good game design and therefore i would disable gastraps on this difficulty. Furthermore I would also disable buffbeams. The reason beeing they simply force the player to make cramped builds to maximize the number of towers buffed by the BB. I think it is more interesting if the players can build more freely and use terrainadvantages without beeing worried about efficient BB placement. Also I would like it if minions could be pushed by sharken that way sharken could also be a threat that players have to deal with. Now let's talk about rewards. For me the biggest reward would be the challenge and the fun. But also this would give us the change to diversify weapons! I think it would be good if allrewards for this difficulty could be scaled up to the level of other high end weapons. Also it would be great if drops during the normal waves could be around the level of Moonbase Wave 25. You will generally deal with a lot less enemies than on moonbase, but there is still a chance to get that sweet sweet ult item. For what stats should this be balanced? I would say around a player with 3k in every stat should have a good chance to have a build that can manage the "trash" enemies while still requiring some maintance. So we are defenitly in the end-game range of stats. This difficulty should be a challenge for anyone and on every map the enemies coulb be around the same power level. While some maps will be easier than others remember that still not every map gives a distinct reward. Also there might be some maps that could seem impossible at the beginning, players have something to try there skill at. Maybe there is some kind of build that will just work. I know this is a lot to be asked from the community dev team and if you say it is impossible/too much to do I can live with that. I tried to think of a way that does not need too much development (no new enemies and such). Basically all that needs to be done is increase healthscaling by a lot. Change spawns to only very few ogers/djinns/sharken. Disable gastrap and buffbeam. The biggest changes I think are the sharken being able to push minions and also of course all the end rewards needing to be scaled up to endgame levels. Let me know what you guys think about this idea. So here is a bit of a summery: New Difficulty with changes that make "trash" be relevant and be dealt with by the build. Big enemies that have to be dealt with by the players (Ogers as minibosses, Sharken and Djinn as fast reaction threats). As a reward you have a challenge and normal drops that have the same potential as higher survival drops and endmap rewards that can compare to current endgame weapons.
  4. Would it be possible to change the DST target priority somewhere in a config file? (Or any other way to change their priority list) I have been reading a bit on the forums again and people seem to have very different opinions when it comes to target priority of the dst. And I can totally see why. This tower will be great to kill certain things off before they can do significant damage. (With the new increased projectile speed) For example let them kill sharkens before they can charge at your defenses and you can use normal blockades instead of gas trap to block a path. Or let them kill djinns if you have trouble with them despawning things on your build. Maybe your build has already great aoe dmg but the ogers come with too high health once they come to your aoe they don't get down fast enough. The DST could priorotise them so they reach your aoe with lower health. It could even be possible to use gastraps to create 'enemywalls' and then let the DST kill ogers stuck behind these walls. What I want to say is the DST can let you adapt you build in a very precise way if it can take away a distinct threat that would make your build not work that great. But it all comes down to what you want them to focus on. The DST is a high DU tower that does not deal alot of dmg at the moment. It is way worse than a lot of other towers and the single one reason they are good is a priority list such that you know exactly what they will do and complement your build. Giving the players the ability to change that priority list will make them pretty usefull and generate a lot new forms of building (at least I hope so and I would defenitly play around with that feature), while not breaking any existing builds.
  5. I am highly against event re-runs. Not because I fear for the economy, and also not because I feal any kind of dread when someone gets an item I thaught was "unique" and "one time only". But because a lot of the event items are blatantly over powered and I like to be able getting better stuff even if it's just a slight improvement. I do not want an overpowered rainmaker making any staff farming obsolete and if most of the people run around with all the overpowered events and the CDT starts to make maps balanced around their stats its just kinda going to ruin the game (At least all the new content..). This is the same reason I am against new event items like the NPC and Vortex items. But I think the newest event items are great they are not way overpowered and have obvious drawbacks (high negatives). Please keep the items in that range from now on. PS: I know my post here is pretty hypocritical since I do own the NPC and Vortex items and am also using them. It might sound like I don't want other people to also have these op items. But that really is not what this is. It's just that I happen to have them and they are my best Items so I also want to use them. I also have a set of characters where I limited myself to only lvl 60 gear and to be honest the gameplay with those is often much more fun, apart from the fact that I mostly have to play alone because there are almost no other lvl 60 players.
  6. If you worry so much about cheating you really should consider a change of game.. I like the idea of automatically drop eggs during easter. Gives every player the chance on the costume. Also this would probably boost the economy a bit because we would have more things to trade again. The dropchance would have to be quite low and I would make it a world drop not reward. And also map independent. Maybe like a .000001% chance to drop per mob, no matter the difficulty/map. Also for all the peeps who already got the skin, we might give them some kind of item that is unobtainable so we do not have all these grumpy guys around.
  7. I do not have a good dps pet. At the moment i'm using turtles on all my chars, even the dps. Because of the movement speed bonus and just raw stats, but mostly because u do not have anything better^^ I would gladly take a good seahorse. I don't know what I can give you in exchange though. EDIT: I did 5 CD runs on insane hc 2 with a friend and we got 6 myth cannons and one trans -.- I also did a run on hard hc which rewarded me a godly cannon which was utter garbage (~50ups)...
  8. Would be interesting to know the chance on getting a godly blaster.. Does anybody know a good weapon that is actually "farmable"?
  9. Hi everyone, I sometimes play some maps with my lvl 60 heroes. Which works pretty fine unless there is a Boss at the end. The TD NMHC Bosses took me about 30 min to get down. And I didn't manage to kill the Palantir boss by myself as of yet. Currently I'm using a DPS Hunter with a Blasticus. My DPS is around 300k so you can see where my problem lies. So my question is, as the titel hints: what are the best lvl 60 weapons in the game and where can I easily get them? I could also change my DPS Hero to Monk or any other class if you guys think there are better choices, but I have only one good dps set as of now so I cannot have an additional DPS Hero at the moment. EDIT: Maybe its noteworthy that with godly gear you can only get up to around 70% dmg reduction, because you cannot put more points into the resistances every 10 upgrades as you could do it with higher equipment. So the Ranger is a rather safe option for a DPS class..
  10. Okay, I just wanted to quickly add my thaughts on the argument: I think it sucks to have a menu where it is written "to do .... to unlock ...." when you no longer have the possibility to do said task. So pls either take the bunny costume out of the menu for everyone that does not have it or make something where everybody can unlock it and do not make it an event only. And everybody that is upset about "it was a one time only thing so deal with it" should understand that this costume is the only thing in game where the game tells you what to do but you cannot actually do it. (Yes I know you can still trade for eggs, but seriously that is not what should be a requirement for something like that. Even if everybody had the currency and all the guys who still have eggs would sell them, there are not enough eggs for everyone.) And just to be clear, I would prefer to have new stuff and all the veterans can keep their precious costume rare. I'd rather have new fun playable content. And if the hiding of the costume for everyone that does not have it is to big of a deal I do not bother very much. But i still think it shouldn't be the way it is.
  11. I would prefer lvl 60. Even 5 million dps is a huge number ;-) But I really would like to play together sometime? Can you add me on steam, or give me your SID? A good DPS char is always nice, gives me some flexibility to setup the build during the wave. But another builder would be really welcome. PS: If anyone is looking for a easy way to get a lvl 60 char quick and easy - Embermount first wave with exactly one 1.3x multiplier
  12. But the Oger attraction was possible before the buff also, or am I wrong?
  13. Ho does one do that? This forum seems broken to me. Even when I am logged in it doesn't show my Account in the top right corner (still the join/login thing) and I cannot find any button to edit my posts.
  14. Hey guys, I enjoy playing dungeond defenders and want to get away from the steamrolling stuff. So I thaught it might be cool to do everything with only lvl 60 chars. Since it is possible to get quite good stats (2-3k tower dmg around 1k rest) you can do almost all content with godly characters. But it is very hard to also have positive cast rate and run speed, which is why I cannot get my builds set up fast enough on several maps. Now I know there are other people who have godly heroes and maybe there are some who would like to play together? If you are interested, pls add me on steam. SID: martiman89 PS: I am from Switzerland so my timezone is UTC+01:00 and I usually play in the evening.
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