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  1. Some questions (again): - Can I sell pets? It seems when I try to sell them they would get sold for 0 gold (at least madwick)? Sooner or later I'll need the inventory space. Rotten eggs have a use, so it would be weird if "useless" pets have no use - do pet stats (like power-up and affection) get reset when I reroll them? Is the pet reroll pyramid item thingy the only way to reroll stats on a pet and where woulld i get them easiest? - What is magical damage/ magical resistance? How do I know which enemy causes magical damage against me? I never know which armor type to chose. - Which human w
  2. Where would I find an incursion event to get a Madwick egg? Ist it possible for a lvl 17 Squire? I can invest a few hours to finsih Campaign before I try to get Madwick
  3. I played the throne room mission (I believe) and when I activated 2 stationary knights in quick succession, a short pop-up appeared in the right corner and notified me of 2 blue tokens... Did I get some tokens? What are they good for? Nothing to be found in my inventory.
  4. this forum is basically unusable as is. Horrible! I have used the search function multiple times today with terms like "play with friends" and "bigger inventory" and I keep finding posts from 2011 that are clearly not DD2. It's even worse, cause when I open one of the threads that I found, the URL says dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/XXXX so i cannot even tell which game a topic actaully belongs to. Shouldn't DD1 or DDE threads have their specific tag in the URL at least?? for example: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/124893/family-sharing-gonna-be-reenabled-anytime-soon <-found this
  5. Oh yea, it's horrible. I am a free player for the time being, so I'm stuck with 4 bags. Need to sell stuff after every mission and use all bags for auto-collect. Probably I'd be better of selling stuff after each wave but that takes much fun out of the game, as that time is better used for upgrading and repairing towers ofc. Inventory bags are overprized plus sadly I'm broke right now, so yea, I have to deal with that tedious not-fun situation of play 20 minutes-sell 5 minutes-repeat. In early game, Epic and even Green stuff can actually be an upgrade, so I think quickly checking all those ite
  6. I have some nooby questions, so thanks for this thread. - How can I change my forum avatar? If I click on it in user settings, it only prompts me to upload I file. I'd rather use one of the premades, however. - I feel the inventory is way too small if you have auto-collect on (who doesn't). Is there a way to upgrade it for free? Maybe a mission bonus or some ingame vendor selling it for gold? I am too broke to spend any money on this game right now sadly. :/ (I plan to around Xmas) Plus I feel the prices for something so game-changing and important like inventory bags are way overprized, typi
  7. I wish auto-collect stuff would also go to the Scavenger (actually I was unsure about what purpose he serves until I read your post). But I bet Trandy won't do this, as it would bypass the item limit of the inventory and thus they cannot sell shiny inventory bags for lots of dough :/
  8. Maybe also try to reinstall the packages from \Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders 2\_CommonRedist The launcher may require Visual C.
  9. I totally agree with OP. My buddy started playing yesterday, and I created a new char to play along with him until we reached the 6th mission and quit due to being bored and server disconnects. Normal is way to easy for anyone who knows how to play DD! There was only one occasion where our blockages were even damaged. Bosses went down in a minute. And the occasional Level 6 player that would jump into our match only made it even more easy. Easy can be easy, but Normal should be a bit of a challenge at least, thus Normal needs to get harder imo! Not sure if unlocking hard would solve anything
  10. New player feedback here: I agree, having to hover over items and wait a second in the Forge just to see what they are is tiresome, esp. in the early game when you find "good" items (that you might wanna equip) all the time. Why not allow us to see items properties instantly on left-click? Or disable the fade-in time? I also agree with previous posters, that Hero stats/ Tower stats page needs to be shown next to inventory. so you can see the effect of items. Maybe make a button that opnes stats next to inventory (or checkbox). It's dreadful to click back and forth between Hero page and inven
  11. If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, what color is the tree? ;-)
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