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  1. I know right! I was totally blown away by that line that said i won the seat. lol, at least now we can still play together:) Sent from my SM-N900W8 using Tapatalk All of us got so lucky :3
  2. lol. after giving up competing with u guys(simply because u guys r amazing!), i get some luck from the blog random choice!!! now im spamming refresh for notification as well:) Anyway, congrats guys! Sent from my SM-N900W8 using Tapatalk I know I was so happy and flabbergasted that you were participating in this and when you didn't win you got the random blog choice xD
  3. I find it funny how before I would constantly refresh the page looking for a question and now after I'm constantly refreshing the page looking for a notification xD
  4. Nevin, I hope that I'll get able to play with you on dd2!! :D I'm so happy that we got it! :D Sent from the depths of my mind Steam ID? PM? :3
  5. OMG I'm so happy thank you all of you! I can't wait to work side by side my 4 other winners after we pulled this all together and succeeded. Also a huge thank you to Laura for giving me those 2 questions last night, without them I wouldn't be able to have accomplished this. IM SO HAPPY EEEEEEEEEH THANK YOU!!! :D
  6. I just gotta have pintajr and draco not get any points till 2:00 so I could stay tied with them :3 EZ, do me a favor and go snag some points. :P
  7. Laura it would be pretty great if you know... not that many questions were asked :3 Do it for the chocolate milk mixer :D I know you won't and this request is ridiculous but still. Thank you for those last 2 questions that gave me the ability to tie for third :D Even if I don't win this still means a lot and I had a SUPERB TIME answering questions and chatting with all of you. (Just give me that milk moo moo moo moo that chocolate milk moo moo moo moo)
  8. almost 2h am there x) I have to... keep... fighting... sleep... and... stay.... AWAKE!!!! Sent from the depths of my mind I BELIEVE IN YOU. Please tomorrow steal all the answers from everybody else. :3
  9. If I had questions I'd shower you two with them. They may not be worth points towards the contest but still ask them :3
  10. at least you'll be here tomorrow and PLEASE do me a favor, MAKE SURE Draco and Pintajr don't break my tie with them xD. ANSWER QUICKLY MY FRIEND!
  11. And nevin, why i did answered so fast with purple is because I did'nt knew the answer to the other question. When there is multiples questions in same times I only spot those that i know the answer Sent from the depths of my mind Same here xD if Laura posts another question soon there abetter be more than 1 question so I might be able to get one to xD
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