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  1. u mean that you as a lobby leader define a ipwr lvl but the system still allow palyers to connect if theyre slightly underneath it
  2. yes, but the point is that to enhance the gameplay you do not have to do it from outside through programs oder physical when u can solve it from inside, everytime someone uses external tools to enhance gameplay it reduces the imersive experience. so my hope is that there will be a change in the tower placement towards imersion and enjoyment please players contribute to this
  3. apparently the fix 14.1 will come to ps4 soon
  4. yes some adjustments to the gamelobby system would be great like restarting manually open/close for public/private only adjust ipwr able to join, mapvote at the end ntw you made great progress towards a better and more relaxin game experience your on your way ...thank you
  5. 1 Lets start again so we and the devs can have some fun in between again
  6. why not discard the xp boost and let people achieve more xp in harder difficulties scaling up with more players in the actual game --> the xp gain so players who would like to advance fast need to be social playing together, anyhow its sometimes more fun if the players can think alone and handle the task the game offers them e.g. repairing a wall upgrading some defense ......
  7. Oh! i didn't saw i posted in PS4 , it happened with the pc
  8. Well I'm playing this for a while now, but what I really hate and what me annoy, is that the Tower Placement is good but it would be way better if you apply a isometric view upon tower placement mostly on ranged towers and last but not least the Abyss lord is okay but without the overlord mode players had in DD1 with the summoner he is almost unplayable because it's sometimes very hard to orrientate the archers so they'll shoot were they supposed to shoot okay if the player can find a spot high enough to have a view from above but most of the time it will not happen maybe I reach out to someone best regards deathbunny
  9. well it seemed fixed yesterday but it still happens with the purple and red ones just did two runs but they couldnt be cleaned at all
  10. seems to me like a sync problem with playverse the problem is if you have this all your defense is 30% weaker and gets no hero bonus applied like explosive arrow or idle flow or the the barricade health sphere you have to reubild it a restart of the game fixed it for a while but today it happened again nm4 throne room campaign well i found it in the patchnotes On occasion, loot data for a map will not load so all loot dropped will be of iPower 1. This can also affect Victory Chest. We’re currently investigating.
  11. as we just found out in almost every nightmare mode espacially nm2 -4 the gear drop isnt higher than iPWR 1, it tends to happen in liferoot forest kind regard deathbunny
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