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  1. Once Upon a Time. And...I'm seriously not joking here: Most Popular Girls in School. It's a youtube show, weekly updates, and imo better written than most current tv shows. Make it past the first 4 episodes and you'll be hooked. It's an epidemic out here. AND I LOVE IT. Most Popular Girls in School
  2. Male was Emeris, Female Deyna. Those who know Emeris, I'm sure you appreciate it.
  3. I'd also love to participate, since these (as always) are the only two I'm missing as well. I always just seem to miss a run from happening...every time. Anyone want to help me out too?
  4. ceruleanarcher


    This bump costs you something.
  5. Awesome. I definitely am excited to test out more of the ideas and explore each character more. And Forbidden Council is Way cool. :p :D
  6. [QUOTE]We need Laura to upload ALL the photos Trendy took, not just the cosplay ones :P[/QUOTE] I also know the guy with the camera took tons of pics with us. It doesn't look like he's uploaded them yet. Anyone from Trendy know what happened to them? I was hoping to see them!
  7. [QUOTE]A: Didnt the propellors poke someones eyes out? (cool outfit AND lethal [/QUOTE] Haha Yep! I just kept saying to everyone, "I DON'T WANT TO HURT YOU." I also just had people spin the propeller (it was fully functional) if it was in their ways. It was just foam, so it didn't really hurt anyone. [QUOTE]B: Did the Jester run into any walls??[/QUOTE] I don't think so, I think she was in pre100 garb.
  8. Um...why are there no cows in Eternia?
  9. Yep, I was the Pink Propeller cat. I actually grabbed a picture with the Squire. I didn't get a chance to get a pic with the Apprentice. She was quick. But the Jester, she is my best friend. :D I can't wait till next year. I've already started on my cosplay, and yes. It's Definitely from DD. I hope to see more DD cosplayers too. If there are, we should all meet up!
  10. [QUOTE]I haven't tried making clothing like you did, how did they come out?[/QUOTE] The corset worked out really well, I can talk to you in PM if you want some ideas on how to do it. :)
  11. [QUOTE]I like making all kinds of things out of duct tape, been a long time hobby of mine. Used to be big on making ceramic things. Looking into starting woodworking soon(mostly carving). I also like doing prop makeup stuff for Halloween, it's my favorite holiday. [/QUOTE] That's awesome! I work a little with duct tape. Made a corset with boning, skirt, cat ears, cuffs with metal clasps, and *ahem* toys. Super fun, but I want to get better at it. How did you learn? [QUOTE]I also really like eating. That's a hobby, right?[/QUOTE] No, sweetie. Eating is Not a hobby. :p
  12. I'm one of those that agrees with the current model + customizations. I like the idea of releasing a character/level/pack for a little bit and then making it a few bucks if you want to get it later. But really, I think the main winner for me is buying the ability to customize your tavern. Or character art. Or just looks for the game. Make it special and individual. Please do not make weapons or abilities or whatnot buyable. Because literally all you'll see is 1000 people all identical as they run around with the same weapons and same skins and same abilities milking the game.
  13. [QUOTE]In case we can track items: Creating/Selling hacked stuff = permanently ban Buying hacked stuff = warn and remove the stuff In case we cannot track items: Creating/Selling hacked stuff = permanently ban Using obvious hacked stuff = 4-week-ban and remove the stuff, using again permanently ban Using non-obvious hacked stuff = warn and remove the stuff, warn again, 2-week-ban, 4-week-ban[/QUOTE] I think the entire idea would be great if it could be implemented, just maybe a little more of a warning and less ban for those that might obtain them without knowing. A lot of ne
  14. Yeah it had the little grey boosting things on each of the surrounding items, but when i looked, the little box said 0 towers boosted. I'll screenshot on next run.
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