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  1. Not too sure if anyone else feels the same way about the game right now as me but i'm going to tell you what I think it should be like. I feel like chaos is a good addition to the game, it creates end game content for those that had none, but for new players I find that this is very lacking for them. I have 2 friends that began playing shortly after the chaos patch came out and I've noticed they are struggling with getting into chaos I, so I think this should be changed. The game I think should have the following modes: Campaign Free PlayIncursionOnslaughtChaos TrialsI think that these modes should all have difficulties as follows (besides campaign and chaos trials) Easy (No Shards) Normal (Regular Shards) Hard (Regular Shards) Nightmare (Regular Shards) Chaos I-IV (Practice excluding Onslaught) With these changes I feel that a new player base will have easier times moving onto the chaos trials by being able to learn strategies on maps with nightmare mode and then being able to incorporate the chaos enemies into those strategies without feeling demoralized by trial and error failures. I also feel that this change in the difficulty modes will also make doing the weekly bonus activities less of a chore. I also feel that bringing back onslaught mode will create more activities to do and also the potential for new quests based on reaching certain waves. I hope you all consider how I think the game should be right now and hope to discuss it with you all. Thank you and please like this post if you agree.
  2. Is the power surge monk weapon after the trials patch suppose to let you ride the cloud for a solid 1 or 2 seconds before kicking you off or is this a bug?
  3. As the title says, because I have a hard time believing that if it is in fact in Sydney as it is outlined in brackets when I connect, that I would be warping every couple of steps. So would just like to know if possible, thank you
  4. Just finished my first map with EV and then the new victory screen doesn't let me push any of the buttons :( had to quit out and restart
  5. Not sure if this is a bug or not but I placed down a proton beam that went through a buff beam and when I sold it the buff beam got sold as well, not sure if suppose to happen
  6. As the title says, I think you guys should do a remake of the The Summit map from DD1 , including the boss fight at the end. What I think would be really great for it too would be that you could have a special skin that is applied while playing on the map which would have you the player play as the younger versions of the characters, so it is like you are playing a memory.
  7. The way I see it, is that if you don't want to have to go through making a second hero you should probably consider playing with others to fill that gap for you, which is what I think Trendy is suggesting players do when the hero config is this way. Because there needs to be some sort of way to get people to want to play together. Just like when the game was first playable you were only allowed to us 3 heroes at a time which was Trendy's way of getting you to play with other people, but then that would upset solo players and now they've changed to this which gives players that like to play more casually the option to look for others to fill the blanks eg. another squire but one that is tower and not waller while also giving solo players that option to not have to rely on others to be able to win. It sounds bad but some players do like to play more on their own than with others.
  8. Not sure if this is a feature already or not(I sure haven't been able to find it) but how about being able to change your heroes' names for like a couple hundred medals? say 2 or 3 hundred each time.
  9. Nezzuccho

    PVP TVT!

    I'd like to see the tower wars come back, but like a more polished version of it. If you ever played a game called Hero Line Wars on Warcraft 3 that is what I would like to see but with towers included obviously, like add a menu to send out units that you can access anywhere instead of having to run back to base to do it.
  10. This is happening to me constantly too, it never use to happen ever, just something about this latest patch or something I don't know
  11. Yeah the stat fps gives you some sort of read of ms which I don't know if it's accurate or not and it also gives you a read of your FPS
  12. As the title says above, for some reason even though I'm connecting to the Sydney server I seem to be warping everywhere every few steps 90% of the time and cannot for the life of me find out why. I did a check through the task manager's resource monitor and the dundefgame.exe was giving me a latency of 310, not sure if this is any accurate but for a Sydney server from Melbourne I should be nowhere near those numbers. Doing a Tab>stat fps though, the game has a super fast constant of 8-15ms yet when walking around I just warp generally every few steps. Is this a game thing? or is this something n my end I can help fix somehow? This is extremely annoying especially when I have to get to a defense that needs repair and I just end up warping off the map into a death plane. Here's a short video of what is happening: PS. I looked up the ports for the game and have opened them
  13. Playing a little more and it seems most of the wall on the west side of the map is not solid for enemies
  14. So I was bashing this mage against a wall on the carnival map and then he kind of noped out and went through it
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