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  1. Yep! We usually have a survey after every major update, but we didn't do one after the Loot & Survive update due to an oversight. We don't normally post the results publicly, but I think this one would be really good for the community to see. and how do we know the results are true?
  2. Lightning: Do you test the game before a patch? Lighning: Can i have my money back?
  3. Whoa, dude, calm down. This game is still pre-alpha. Balance issues do not need to be addressed ASAP. The core game needs to be built and fully functional first. the game is no more pre-alpha as they proudly anounced it ALPHA...
  4. so there is no patch today?
  5. The missing portion of my sentence: and focus on that one bug? well they made a hotfix for "that one bug" so this mean they are focusing on it
  6. Just because one bug of many is harder to stomp, should they stop developing the game entirely? "entirely"? man you are extreme, i never said that. The game will never develop if problems arent fixed.
  7. i dont understand why there is a new patch since the previous patch isnt fixed? i still cant join games and there are many players with the same problem....
  8. i still cant join games, and the game is crushing even more
  9. Interesting statement. Almost sounds like a question. Was that a question? lol he just forgot the question mark at the end...
  10. well when you are out of hero slots you have to use your gems to get more slots and after you are out of gems you have to buy gems with real money....come on really? this is the strategy of this game?
  11. ya i totally agree, instead of the new spheres they should have worked on the ubers so that this game could become a tower defense game.....
  12. oh yes that is another problem with the rewards for onslaught, is it normal that usually i dont get any reward?
  13. but no warning for this patch...i was in the middle of the game and all of a sudden game crushes... nice!!!!
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