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  1. What you're describing doesn't sound different from what I've been used to since I started playing this game to be honest. If in any update 3/10 of your ult drops were actually usable you'd be very lucky, from any loot source.
  2. What he said is that by simply removing the hotkeys, and reintroducing the menu button, you would bring back the stealing glitch. The menu button was removed over hotkeys for a reason. There is more ways to access this glitch, without using hotkeys but with the menu button. Just because the community only knew about doing it with hotkeys, doesn't mean that the menu button is safe without hotkeys. Your suggested hotfix would, without further changes, inevitably reintroduce the stealing glitch. And yes, I practically spend all my DD time testing in the beta at this point, so no PuGs for me.
  3. The suggestion of removing the hotkeys or doing whatever to them has already been adressed as an incomplete fix: That was one way of accessing it. Lets just say I wouldn't be happy with just removing components required for the route the community knows about. Do you honestly want them to do what you're telling them to right now, so people's stuff will be getting stolen again in like a month after that update, or do you think it's a better idea to just trust one of the devs and wait for a better solution? Be patient, I don't think bringing a button back is at the top of the priority list.
  4. Would you accept a cavalry? If so, that's my offer. Unless you upgraded it in ranked for that damage screenshot.
  5. Yes. Yes, there will be accessories left. No, they're not as good as the ones removed. I think that would pretty much come down to the same thing, so I still like that idea. I think it might be more annoying to implement though, I don't think that it'd be worth the extra time spent on that.
  6. As someone who spent a decent amount of time on lab it's hard to voice my opinion on a topic like this because there's people that will respond in one of two ways: If I disagree with the nerf I will be told that the only reason I don't want it nerfed is because I don't want my sacred ground to be touched. If I agree with the nerf I will be told that I'm only ok with it now because I've gotten what I need and am now just trying to make it harder for others. I think both aren't very good arguments. So now that that's hopefully prevented from happening; I fully support removing exclusive acces
  7. Hello fellow defenders. I'd like to hear your opinion on introducing enrage mechanics on a future map, or multiple future maps. Here's what I had in mind; Completing a map with an enrage counter on nightmare will increase the counter by a small ammount. The higher your enrage counter, the more pissed off your enemies are and the more difficult the map becomes to complete again. The counter can be reset, this reset could be implemented in different ways, for example: Periodic reset: Once a day all counters for everyone will reset. Meaning that if you're doing better at completing this map
  8. Running dry for 50 runs wasn't uncommon before the update either.
  9. Is it possible to add a circle around mage minions when placing or moving them to show their heal range? Or maybe some other indication to see whether certain archers are safe within range or not?
  10. The places where I was talking about better nightmare chickens I was talking about better chickens compared to the ones you got earlier from insane, not compared to nightmare chickens as they are now. I never stated I want nightmare chickens to have better stats than they have now in the live game. Sorry if I wasn't being clear on that. Other than that I won't steal the final word from you unless I missread those questions as rhetorical and you actually want a response.
  11. There's different types of people playing this game, and I know for a fact I'm not the only meta-f*g in this community. If you enjoy different things you probably won't be hardcore farming loot all the time. The fact that you haven't broken 7k in 6k hours does not mean that it has to take that long. I like trying to improve my characters as efficiently as possible, while you spend a lot of your time playing random maps in public games. It's just different aspects of the game we enjoy. This doesn't mean that if you haven't gotten certain stats after that ammount of playing, no rewards should be
  12. I'm not sure if traces should be public information like that. People could potentially pick and choose a trace, dupe an event, rename a steam account to said trace owner, trade themselves the duped event and then take a screenshot and register the trade to steal the trace from someone. If the other person then complains that the trade never happened it just becomes a game of "he said, she said".
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