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  1. Geeze, ddmana is gonna make a fortune off this auction.
  2. this is gonna turn into a joke very quickly....
  3. considering this is your first post I would assume you didn't take part in the event as you would've had to post in the sign up thread. So, like Tears said, you'll need a link to the trace or people will have a very hard time believe this item's legitimacy.
  4. ReZilience

    Item Check Thread

    Check please. [Spoiler][/Spoiler]
  5. ReZilience

    Item Check Thread

    check please. [SPOILER] [/SPOILER]
  6. still looking. will pay over the standard price
  7. Hello Defenders, Looking over my collection and realized I don't have a boneyard currently. If anyone has an extra they could part with let me know. We can work a deal. Offering Cubes/Diamonds
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