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  1. The design team is looking for some feedback on shard slot balance! Notably, which shards are nearly always used in their slot, and which shards are nearly never used in their slot. An example of what we mean by this: Destruction and Blazing Phoenix both occupy a slot on a relic. If Destruction always gives better results than Blazing Phoenix, there isn't much reason to use Blazing Phoenix (even though Blazing Phoenix only works on 1 defense!).For defenses, we know this comparison is a bit easier, since each relic has only 3 shard slots. But for heroes, it's a lot more complicated, as each pie
  2. Prior to the recent fixes to Hornet's Nest that brought the defense back into the limelight, Trendy's Design Team has been mulling over the Dryad and looking at ways to improve both her builder and combat aspects. To give the community some insight into our thoughts, we've put together this post discussing possible improvements. There is no timeframe for these changes, as we are still discussing and scoping the changes. But, we wanted to share our thoughts with the community before we started any implementation, and give you all a chance to voice your thoughts as well! BUILDERThe dependency on
  3. We've been working on balance updates for the upcoming patch. We are still trying to 'bring most defenses up' rather than 'bring most defenses down'. That does not mean we will not be making changes to specific defenses seeing extremely high utilization on many different Chaos tiers. There are a couple of defenses that we feel are above a 'fair' target, so those will likely be brought down while we bring many, many others up. Here's a glimpse into what we're testing internally: Projectile Towers - Most of these are seeing substantial improvements. Cannonball Tower, Harpy's Perch, etc. are all
  4. We're actively working on updates to many of our high DU defenses. In our internal builds, we're currently testing a number of solutions, some of them similar to what's proposed here: Slow Rate of Fire - Most defenses that have extremely slow rates of fire (Earthshatter, Ballista) are seeing updates. They'll do less damage per hit, but fire faster. This is being done to help minimize both overkill issues (dealing useless excessive damage to a target) and to help minimize targeting failures.DU Cost - Most of our higher-DU-cost defenses have not worked out quite the way we'd hoped. We wanted to
  5. There you are, I figured this would make you happy. Yeah maybe Narwhagon won't suck now thanks to the re-balance, we will see if Trendy reverted it's shield ability back to being useful, but just with a longer cool down. As for you focusing on core issues now? Yes yes you do, come join the dark side of the community and start requesting proper end game changes. We have delicious cookies. 'Reflective Shield' pet abilities will receive significant improvements in this update, including United Defense on the Narwhagon. We'll be keeping our eyes on them, as we want them to be powerful, if tricky
  6. The Big Bundle of Pet Love gives a set amount of Affection per use. Higher Affection Levels require more Affection to reach!
  7. You got your wish with #1! Test them out and let us know what you think after the patch. But we're not jumping on #2 just yet. We'll see how the increase in bonus Defense Health works out!
  8. Hero Crit Chance was intended to be capped at 30%, like Defense Crit Chance, but due to a bug it is currently un-capped (theoretically could be 100%). We expect to fix that bug in the future, and hopefully will fix the Character Stat screen to display the cap.
  9. In the current gameplay, the following rules are in effect: Defenses are capped at 30% Crit ChanceBlaze Balloons are an exception, and are (un)capped at 100% Crit Chance30% Defense Crit Chance is achievable with a relatively standard set of Defense Crit Chance items and/or a few Skill Spheres. Some players have achieved as high as 40% Defense Crit Chance, and this would be overkill on anything besides a Blaze Balloon. With the Blaze Balloon specific skill spheres, you can get a Defense Crit Chance closer to 50%. New gear may appear to allow this to go higher obviously, as the Blaze Balloon sti
  10. A few more updates will accompany this change internally: Null Void (for Training Dummy) will provide more health to the Training DummyArcane Resilience (for Arcane Barrier) will provide more health to the Arcane BarrierWe've also increased the minimum value of these stats, so the range of rolls is slightly more favorableWe're hoping to make the 'which barricade to use' competition a little more interesting with this patch. We've run a few tests on each of the barricades, and they can all achieve very high health values under their new respective formulas. Also to note, we currently do not hav
  11. Hello community! Trendy Brett here to discuss some upcoming changes to the Hearty Blockade passive. Of course, we're fixing Shields to generate with Hearty Blockade, but there's a bigger change coming next week that we'd like to discuss. We've been looking closely at Hearty Blockade since our loot update, evaluating ways to make it better and to allow for more flexibility in itemization. While we like the unique nature of converting Hero Health to Defense Health with the passive, we've also noticed that it has somewhat pigeonholed Squire builders. Most players are only stacking Defense Health
  12. Hello Dungeon Defenders community! My name is Brett, and I do systems design for Trendy. The current changes to the passive system, as well as the loot system, were my brainchild, so I wanted to come to the forum to discuss these changes with you. So let’s get into it! Item Stat CombinationsIn our old loot system, items rolled their stats pretty much randomly. This would result in a huge percentage of the items rolling with low-value combinations, like Defense Crit Damage and Hero Crit Damage. The new system hasn’t eliminated the chance that these weird combinations will appear, but it reduc
  13. As those whom read our patch notes may have noticed, we have been doing dives into various hero combat mechanics to make them scale better with end-game gear. In an upcoming patch, the next set of hero combat changes will go in. This is a preview of the thinking behind some of these upcoming changes. To note, these changes are not builds; we aren't adding more combat-focused passives just yet. These are merely normal balance changes targeted at fixing / improving hero combat as a whole. ---- Hero DamageHero Damage-focused heroes were lagging behind Ability Power-focused heroes, and combat hero
  14. We are in the process of updating the placement rules for all defenses. The current live build contains a partial update to the system, but it is not the final update. There are a few known issues in the live build, so some of the placement rules will be revised as we finish rolling out the update. A future patch will adjust / revise the placement rules for a number of defenses. The benefit of this update is that it will address a number of long-standing placement bugs, and, give us much more control over tweaking the placement rules for individual defenses. We've already fixed a few thing
  15. Aura Radius and Trap Radius special stats are currently bugged and not functioning as intended. We hope to have them corrected in the near future.
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