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  1. I have never gotten 3 each day, But they stack up to 3 if you dont complete them for 3 days. If you are gone for 3 days in other words, youll probably see 3 on there. Thanks that makes sense. I guess I just didn't think of it that way.
  2. So I am just returning after a few months off. I see the daily missions are up but I am only getting 1 a day instead of 3. I have all four Characters to lvl 50 so i know its not a lvl req. Just wondering if i should submit a ticket or if this was planned.
  3. Saveing up tokens is where i was leaning after my regret purchase of the squire cannon ball one. Thanks for the info Pachipachio
  4. Thanks for the info Draco. Very Helpful. Just in your opinion is it worth getting them all now? or should I just same up for Betsy Egg and let the spheres get fixed first?
  5. So i just started playing again not to long ago and am wondering about the Ultra Spheres. I seem to hear from people that the Monk LA one is good, but I have not heard about any of the others. Not even what they do. So when I got up to 60 I bought the Squire CB one. Cool remake from DD1, but so not worth the 60 tokens to get it. I mean it can be used in some spots on a few maps, but the reg cannon is just flat out better. So any info that the community can give me on the other 3 Ultra spheres (what they do, are they worth it...) would be very helpful.
  6. I know it might not be main priority but.... The Armor and Relic Shops needs a serious overhaul. I mean does anyone even check them anymore? I personally have gone over many ways we could change and improve them. Just one example. Every time you finish a dungeon the tavern shops reset. They would change to pieces of gear that had a chance to drop in the dungeon you just played. That way if you finish Den on Incursion the gear in the shops would be worth looking at, instead of low lvl crap that you don't need, and if you are leveling and not at Incursions yet, you cant just buy top level gea
  7. [[43252,users]] Yes I have seen those used before. [[16273,users]] I would agree with you as well, if we want to try to use the lane names they need to be visible at all times and easier to see imo.
  8. What does everyone use to call out lanes or locations on map? Do we feel that we can learn the lane names? or do we mostly see and us things like "bot right" "top left" "center" ... Or do we feel that the ping system is working to take care of this?
  9. voteKICKING someone does not solve the problem, they will just keep trying until they find a group that wont kick them. They can still just skip tons of content to be apart of end game without having to work their way up to it. There are two options here... either Trendy leaves it the way it is and tons of content goes unplayed. OR They put some form of gear/boss kill/ level completion requirement into the game, and the moochers that don't want to actually play game and just want end game stats wine and complain.
  10. I understand all of the concerns posted so far. However I feel we are talking about the now to much, and not looking at the fact that the game will need a system like this down the road. I completely agree that the end game is very easy right now (maybe hard mode will fix this). So a system like this one is not needed for the moment. The fact is that right now we can all hit level 25 and effectively fight in the current end game. This is causing many play hours of the game to be skipped. If it stays this way through out the game we will end up with a game where we can all hit max level and st
  11. [[76125,users]] "Don't put words in my mouth please. My logic was that if you put the effort in to getting a certain level you deserve what that level entails. Not only part of it because you didn't get the good loot. Like when I build I seem to get no legendary drops. " What your missing is the point that 25+/25++/and 25+++ are higher levels. (that is why there are +'s) Just because you hit 25 does not mean you get to play in these right away. They game is at a lower level cap right now for simplicity. You need to see the fact that 25++ would be level 30 if the cap went that high... and 25++
  12. The problem with this is I do not really have any ingame friends to play private matches with, so this elitest style will isolate people like me. It will not help it will hurt. The problem is the low level cap. If I waste the time grinding and getting to a level I expect the same benefits as everyone else. Just cause my armor isn't as shiny as yours doesn't mean you deserve better rewards... it rewards the people who already got lucky and got the better drops. The reason I say the kick is the best bet is cause if you think someone is useless than kick them. At least some people are willing
  13. Can't wait!!!! Best part is i have Friday off. I see a six pack and a late night of DD2 in my future.
  14. It has 37 upgrade levels. When I need to upgrade a piece, I go into my temp bag, scan it for good pieces, then melt down the rest into what needs to be upgraded. You could get a 150+ piece to lvl 38 exclusively with gray items if you wanted to. There is no actual reason to use your non temp bag space to hold items you're going to melt. Unless of course you are holding onto gear to upgrade with for more than 2 days, and all the gear you are storing in your temp bag is deleted.
  15. To quote myself from about 4 posts ago... SO Ill compromise with you. The gear score requirement can be turned off in private.
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