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  1. Still would be 130hrs lost Just not 400+ like some friends´╗┐´╗┐
  2. One can hope Let me us get that costume :D
  3. Ya EV is strong, I took her to nm1 at 35 and was able to pass it with just 1 AL archer for flyers. The lanes never even made it close to crystal.
  4. Trendy risks losing many players if another wipe occurred, especially players who would get hit by a second wipe. Its in development if people quit because of a wipe, well then maybe they signed up for the wrong thing. I haven't got to put as many hours as I'd like into DD2 yet, but if a wipe was to occur after a revamp and polished update, then I'd welcome it.
  5. Any hints (pics) of new maps you guys are working on that we could take a look at? Also would be interested in new weapons and hero costumes :D
  6. This is the Bow of Light It is for ranged dps such as Hunter/Ranger. It can be fired quickly or held to charge for a shot of light. The charges come from the four jewels located at the front of the bow. If you hit an undead or summoned enemy with a charged light shot they are vanquished instantly and have a chance at dropping ________ (you as developers fill in the blank here)
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