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  1. Rank 25 on Ogre Crush (hit down to 26 the very next time I check to see my crystal and stats) - Proudest moment of my life !!!
  2. I play on ipod touch 4gen. Tried the game on ipad but given an hour long defense of some crystals and the old carpel tunnel started acting up. Hence the switch to smaller (touch friendly) device. Keyboards are so - primitive. Running, jumping, slashing. You name it. My guy does it. Just the other day in PvP I had an apprentice shooting at me from the side. Jumped to doddge his little staff projectiles. Swung around the pillar. And Bam. No more apprentice. Steve tells me ipod 6gen will have thought based controls. Like that Russian Jet the movie was about !?! So. It should be all good by then.
  3. no you are wrong M$ means alot to a small company like trendy and any other company really live is a cashcow NO - I am Not WRONG. ITs a clear cut case of perspective. Consider ThaT - The only ONLY reason I would subscribe to PlayStations On-Line / Live service right now - IS IF I COULD GET ON WITH DUNGEON DEFENDING. Granted that there are plenty of good games out there. But none good enough to get most users to sign up for network subscriptions. Who has the time these days?? BUT DUNGEON DEFENDERS - DUNGEONDEFENDERS in 3D - How MUCH I PAY? WHERE - HOW ? AT WHOSE FACE SHOULD I RESPECTFULLY THROW THIS CRISP $100 BILL??? TELL ME TELL MEEEEEEE. ERGO - M$ sissy girl tactic of -We wont release if they get it first - IS ACTUALLY COSTING OTHER COMPANIES POTENTIAL EARNINGS THROUGH THEIR RESPECTIVE SUBSCRIPTION BASED SERVICES. AT THE VERY LEAST. IN FACT - Thinking in terms of Potential to evaluate Market Response - I'd like to see Trendy Ent tie up with sony (for example) and create an offer based subscription service with DD. I'm assuming the game will be on their network store to download - They should set up a deal where you can download with say 1, 2, or 3 months network subscription. That way Sony cld gauge the response to the game from a completely different angle. Value addition for them. Great Games ALWAYS ARE. And ALWAYS WILL BE. THEMS THE RULEZ. Tho im guessing they already see it's intrinsic value having demoed it with their yet to be released portable phone device thingie. As long as it's not got a ctrl-alt-del command combo - im in. I aint got nothing against TE - Heck - I'm even waiting for the sale to end on their little chicken Coup game so I can be happy to pay full-price for the unreal sauce they use. As someone trained in economic thought - I See WHY trendy will wisely opt to wait for the whole CrashXbox situation - viz. publisher and re-approval. And I respect the fact that they as a team have made a business decision. However - those days are long over when some half-hack-low-quality company like M$ should be entitled to dictate terms to anybody. I dont know about you - but the last time I heard anything from Microsoft it was a bunch of thugs representing them come over to the office to 'make sure' our company waz running license version of their so-called software? Picking Pennies - As I like to think of said situation. Needless to say our incompetent IT person had acquired legitimate licensed copies as opposed to the OS X - Tiger - based server systems as per my suggestion - way back when. They came to my cabin - I was like - microwhat? HELL MAN - FORGET EVERYTHING I JUST WROTE - I DONT SEE M$ Holding OUT ON DUNGEONDEFENDERS IF THEY KNEW HOW GOOD THIS GAME IS> LET THEM OPT OUT. I GUARANTEE YOU. GIVEN THAT SITUATION - THEY WOULD COME CRAWLING BACK ON THEIR HANDS AND KNEES BEGGING TE TO ALLOW THEM TO LAUNCH THIS AWESOME AMAZING BEST GAME EVER TITLE ON THEIR CRUDE LITTLE CRASHBOX DEVICE. TRENDY - CALL THEIR DAMN BLUFF. I HAVE FAITH IN THIS GAME. WHY DONT YOU GUYS? Ye WHO MAKETH IT FROM SCRATCHES AND ONES AND ZEROES. And Generous smatterings of the Unreal Sauces. - Please Sir's, May I has some more. JUST LAUNCH IT AND SAY LIKE - OOOps WHEN THE M$ Thugs START COMPLAINING AND THEN GET THEM TO SIGN OFF ON IT. SO THAT WHEN EVERYBODY WHO WANTS TO PLAY THE MOST AWESOME GAME EVER MADE WITH UNREAL SAUCE THEY HAVE TO GO WITH LINUX OR MAC OR PS3 - THE FOUR CLOWNS AT M$ WOT DONE SIGN OFF ON YOUR GAME CAN BE SENT BACK TO GROVEL AT YOUR DOORSTEP. THEN YOU CHARGE THEM DOUBLE OR TRIPLE. FOUR TIMES THE ROYALTIES. IT AINTS PERSONAL. IZ JuST BUZINESS.
  4. Heh heh - srry's. I read the first couple of pages. And den de last couple of pages. And i tends to say it how I sees it. The most random obstacle of them all concerning the release of DunDef on consol's worldwide is that M$ will not release it on their crashy system if it gets released on other systems first. I mean? Who even cares what M$ has to think about anything these days? amiright? Oh - excuse mee. My Windoze Mobile is ringing. - I go to answer it before it dies.
  5. DD:SW (Second Wave). OMG - It's a TSUNAMIIIIiiiiiiiiii. . . . . .RUnnn Safe urselfs.
  6. SO - This is All Microsoft's fault. Maaan - I don't even own a CrashBox. And it's about time the (what wass it - 5 million?) clowns that do go and git themselves a PS3. Or an iMac. Or anything that works. For the Love of GOd people. It's time to E-V-O-L-V-E !
  7. Waiting with baited breath for Warm Gun on the iOS. And anything to do with Dungeon Defenses - ofc. DD:FW on mac. :orc: is gonna cost me my job. I realize this.
  8. Testing. . . testing. . . .check one two. Yeah I wanna 'test' the PS3 version of this game too. So Where I Sign Up's?
  9. Heyyyy - I want an iPhone 4 too. With the wi-fii's and the 3G and the extra GB's !!!
  10. Okay so that's the situation. I might go for a 4g iPhone at the end of the day - but still want to consider one of dem new tfngled super smart phones. Besides - I want for the bonus levels of ddfw. I know ps3 will be out soon. Main idea is to hold off for iPhone 5 but 2 weeks of use with broken screen is driving me to this. Considerations aside - can anyone help suggest a good Tegra 2 powered phone device presently available on the Market. I hope to be out and about in a couple of hours to see what I can find in my area. Grey market - imports might be available even from Japan - where I'm assuming all the new gadgets like to go to be born. Ahhh akihabra... Sweet sweet akihabra. Response is appreciated.
  11. But they are doing their job. Rome - t'is said - werent built in a day.
  12. Going for the update: First of all let me just say out loud how awesome it has been to be a Beta Tester of this amazing game for all these long months. Seriously. I'm glad I was let in on the development process as early as December and I don't think I'd have made it through the long cold winter without having these deep dungeons to defend. And im not trying to be sarcastic or funny. Im serious. It was what - all of three months from when we saw the alpha test vid of four dudes playing DDFW on their idevices to when we had a game on our systems. I thought it was a clip for some distant future thing at the time. Figured Id be old and suffering acute carpel tunnel syndrome by then. perhaps even slightly blind. So i loose a couple of characters. Big whoop. TrendyEnt - You guys Rule. And I'm sure you already know that. This game is a diamond in the rough. Post todays update we should now have a finished product in our hands. Once again - thanks for letting us in on the fun early. If you guys ever need anything - and I mean anything. Don't hesitate to ask. :ogre:
  13. @Blaze IF - is a big word. m jus sayin is all. anyways the news of the moment is that we wait for 4.0, our tavernkeep to finally tell us wht he did with our pants, and DDFW to come out on Mac. Or will it be the big version? not first-wave but the whole gambit?? holllly. . .
  14. A mac Version - Sweeeeet monkeys. Will I be able to touch to control using related devices? for tower-placement using my ipod/phone/pad ? While the game is hot on my main display ? ? DO we get an uber-powerful-not-as-bug-ridden-as-pc-version pet? seeing as we r on mac anyways. tht would be cool and add an element of realism in-game for me. PC pets crashing with crtl+alt+delete and always down with some kind of virus while our guys do the job good and proper like they were supposed to. Mac version cant wait for the mac version. And the PS3 version. I cld be like your cross-platforming-poster-child/ninja. Wht you planning on charging for the mac version anyways? take us to the cleaners I say.
  15. Its about time I gets some service around here. Tavernkeep bring me my wine and some wenches will ya. And clean up this ungodly mess. Hope we get an option to pre-order the PS3 version. If No - Then how can we get a pet to go with that!! Can't wait for 4.0 - this game is so good I'd pay for it all over again. Hope I get to see DDFW on the App store App store tho I know there has been some talk of No Mac Version and Why Not! I'm happy about the purchasable content. Whatever keeps the dev's well fed and supplying us with fresh stuff. But what I'd really like to be able to do - what I'd pay for - is to be able to control DDFW on my mac (while im at work or at home) using my ipod touch as the controller only. Still - gonna buy a couple of pets just to get me started and stuff. How much for a wolf ? or one of those foxy fairy chicks perhaps. . . .also - my squire is getting old and as such would be requiring a personal mobility device of somesort - one of those off-roadsy segway jobbies might do. what say.
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