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  1. I ran worm scarf and channel. 10 second cd on MB is way short hardly needing a cd reduction ,but im personally used to long cd thanks to playing wow and its some times aslong as 5 minute cooldowns on good combat abilitys so 10 seconds seems like no cd time for a skill that can in 1 shot clear 90%of a lane. Also im far from "Normal" i am running a chest with 1 slot atm as i cant find better but even then im still clearing c4 with no storm gem(which would null the reason for super conducter) and mana to spare cant do 5 yet, even then i dont follow what the majority do the "meta"and wish more didnt aswell. Ever tryed to build build a map with mostly earthshatter towers its fun or squire balistas. Submurging blast is a lavamancer boot shard thats a 40-80%(havent leveled mine) Submerge emerge dmg id post a sc but as im on ps4 i cant find an easy way to do that. "should have been best-in-slot or something because a lot of those shards aren't even that good, they're just clearly better than the competition " if you think shard balance is bad now itd only be increased by the 8 slot system as weaker shards like 90% of boot shards i know of would be put to the side in favour of other shards. Atm gems are locked within thier own limited slots making balance much much easier as there are significantly less gems it can be WAY worse/better than. If that makes any sence
  2. Siege rollers spawn and get stuck in the top right lane with the turn around acid trap making the map unplayable couldent figure out how to post an image here from my ps4 or i would of
  3. I have run 3-heros with Ap never saw a use fo cooldown reduction as the longest cooldown ive sed was 10 seconds an allready fast time, like less time than it takes to switch lanes after a mana bomb clears the lane Im atm running my slam monk without superconductor(his gears ***ty c4 but it still one shots) and notice little difference other than a slight mana drain increase. Would he be better with it you bet but do i need it? not really. Alot of people run construction and the 40%on gloves as construction can save the day when you going from c3 to c4 or c4 to c5 Lavamancers also have class boot shard for submerge dmg. I didnt know about this one till a few days ago myself
  4. Just curious as to what you define as a must-have. As you can skip bulwark/Worm scarf in ranged build aslong as you not in c5. No idea how effective it could but ive never tried i but it could be done.
  5. I will give it 1 last try but i believe you will deny anything as evidence aslong as it dosent fit your rhetoric. If you have 3+ shards for the same slot you have to make a decision as too which you want and not be able to use the rest that makes the decision have weight, removing that weight devalues choices made significantly. Now to respond to the other points you attempted to make 1. It being a chest shard(corruptions bargain ) dosent even remotely change the example as chest shards include superconductor, bulwark, power gambit, all ok or good shards which youd need to pick 2 out of and lose the others 2. "And you're wrong about mage, the volley shard is for weapon, not gloves but I'm away from game atm to make sure." just double checked and your right there there are 2 volley shard for staffs swore 1 was gloves. Also love that in 3. You got the forms wrong on dryads pure forms the base form not the dmg one letting her self heal alot and have a real strong defence 4. You keep saying i use "i think" too much but thats literally the same reason your using too defend, you think it wont cause a probmlem you think an OP build wont exist but havent done anything to back your claim. 5. Know what world of warcraft WOLK borderlands2 and diablo3 all have in common? Low weight on the decisions people make when it comes to skills and abilitys leading to every class having a build( If you are lucky thier may be a second but thats rare). These builds miles above the rest that are the only builds that get used as using other builds is like gimping yourself. We have seen it here in dd2 with PDTs and will happen again in gear form if the shard restriction is removed, bloody blizzard couldent do it what makes you think trendy is better at making games than blizzard. Dont get me wrong trendy is a good dev team but blizards what 5k times larger with more experience and couldent prevent cookie-cutter builds in a low weight system.
  6. What your trying to say is because 1 person CBA to list out a broken 10 set for you it dosent exist which you know is crap, also that "hypothetical" dryad shard is very real and called corruptions bargain its a chest shard but the example still stands. Also i know you dont know all the shards if you think only the monk has variety, mage alone as i think 3 worth while class specific glove shards including mana bomb dmg volley dmg and likely more im not aware of as i dont know every shard yet. Almost every class has worthwhile class specific shards you need to decide between. As alot of the nuetral shards are strong aswell.
  7. Man i CBA for a full reply your so arrogently sure of your self you dont even read what others say half the time, the reason its interesting i is because its limited inoder to be a dryad tank you sacrifice another glove shard(i think its glovess)which locks out the ability to use other gloves shards not just sais it ok you can just get it else leading to you needing to think about your shard pick instead of just selecting 10 shards you like
  8. First of all im typing from a ps4 so my typing will be rather bad CBA to start my pc , also iether you misread my post on those gloves or you missed the point and need it explaned again the point of limited shard placement prevents build "unifying" struggle to find the right word there. Meaning builds can be varied without allways being real similar. Like tank dryads now stronger than ever thanks too trials but with out the shard restriction every driad could be a tank driad without sacrificing much if any thing at all leading to builds being more similar which is undoubtably a bad thing. Like lets say you had 2 shards one doing 100% hp bonus the other doing 100% hero dmg that go to the same slot with only the ability to chose 1 itd come down to preference. But lets say you had the same 2 shards but could put them anywhere, you wouldent chose on preference as then you could replace stats you benefit less from, like 400 move speed on your boots for the 100% hero dmg as its just straight better,less of this numbers based chosing can happen when shards are slot limited making balance relative instead of global. Thats how this would ruin shard balance. Still dont know all the shards by heart i will admit, so i have little doubt a no restrictions build could be stronger. You know as well as i do what happens in the dd2 comunity when something can be exploited it will be. (i am referencing mostly old toxic shock huntress) so opening room for possibly hundreds of exploiable shard combos when the games allready bug riddled seems like a bad idea 3 other side things i want to mention though have little to do with shard restriction 1. Radience adds alot more than 6%of your hero dmg still even on my weaker monk with a 3k dmg weapon(And no other source of hero dmg) it adds thousands (2-3k) of dmg to my flame towers per hit. 2.The point of adding haunting was for if you do ever run out of or low on mana, i know its rare with channel and superconductor(Think thats what its called) but better safe than sorry. 3. Fastest attack rate is 8/s on an apprentice staff called armegedon i believe
  9. Im notsure if your new to DD or trolling or some mix, ive explaned once before but i will do it again. Imagin a monk dps with 0 slot specific shard lets just name a few thatd very likely be used. Haunting, radiant power, harbinger smash, power pole, crit chance, over whelm life leec.thats not 1 not 2 but 5 weapon shards pretty much every hero would have equiped( Only switching harbinger and power pole based on thier class) as they are massively strong, which would get this ruin dps build divercety. As atm you can build support dps (radiant pwer and that resist remover one) Tank dps( life leech and and haunting/Overwelm) build raw power( Class shard for dmg and haunting or any other dps shards ) do you see now why this is a bad idea? People wouldent select shards based on what fits where for thier build theyd just pick what was most OP as it can fit everywhere
  10. Atm shards are balanced around limited usability so yes itd do both *** over shard balance and make the allready op heros even more op. Atm you have to make a decision as to what shard you prefer( Via limited usability ) idk why in the world youd think thats a bad thing
  11. Atm shards are limited to where they can go for balance and logic reasons i will explain a simple example , if i want hero crit chance on my gloves with construction i cant get stronger pole smash its a give and take. Heros are allready MASSIVELY (like need a nerf strong) if yours arent its not from the inability to use helmet shards in your boots.
  12. 1. Skyguards randomly not firing rendering some maps unplayble 2. Random crystal death without it being attacked 3. Flamethrower general derpyness like aiming in random directions opponets arent 4. The ***ty chaos mobs making so many towers useless
  13. I pray this is never a thing as it would massivly hurt shard balance
  14. Im 73 and have not gotten a range shard but i have gotten 3 to 4 shielding guard 2 to 3 mana bomb and 3 pole smash in 3 runs and one VE
  15. I think the dmg multiplyer could be lowered to say 25% bonus at 4 players as theres more hands on deck to repair / defend but maybe higher mob speed /Count per player to still make it a challenge.
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