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  1. I'll take a chance. Another battle of luck! :3 tnx for the giveaway! SID: Zheltrix SID Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Zheltrix/
  2. DOUBLE THUMBS UP!! ^_^ way to go cous!
  3. [[1047,hashtags]] I really think that now this is love, but maybe not? just lust? LOL! :D
  4. SID: Zheltrix SID Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Zheltrix/ I love lots of thing on this world and I can't even choose from them. But one thing is certain, i won't be able to enjoy every single one of the things i love if i wasn't alive. So what do i love the most? I love my LIFE that God has given me and everything that I'm able to enjoy is thanks to his gift to me. :) HAPPY HEARTS' DAY MATES! ^^
  5. B/O - 1/383 sparus B/O - Sup Chain Grips 1coal - 325/326 pawn
  6. Specially this numerical, coded, secret agent named guy :D
  7. Good day! I want to buy only traceable Mana Master :) Post your price if interested ^_^ CLOSED, some good person gave me one :D
  8. can i also join in on that CD run sir eagle? :D
  9. Sorry Leg1t360, i invoke the right to retract the item auctioned because the price was so low and not what i want. Sorry again
  10. How long will the bidding last mate? because it's not stated. tnx!
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