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  1. Bump. Totally forgot about this
  2. Hey guys. Wanna auction of this 68k glad I've won in a contest by Crispybucket a while back. I have no use for it and it's been taking up space in my box anyway. Happy bidding! [spoiler][/spoiler] c/o = 2 cubes by MrJTMoney99
  3. im guessing this means two cubes? just wanted to be sure Yes, 2 cubes. Sorry.
  4. Cartman from South Park. Because he's bad ***.
  5. I think I gave it to you didn't I? Good luck and you'd get a good trans set for it. Free bump! e/: No it does not drop in lab assault. Good stuff does (sometimes; troll rng) so you could sell those for cubes. Be sure to watch out for ult++ tower pets/weapons. Some may consider these of high value too!
  6. I'd like ST12 AND ST14. Steam is acting up So I can't add you atm. Maybe you'd like to reserve them, thanks in advance.
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