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  1. True, but who does that :squire: I used to do that, I played on a 13" mac pro, caused way too lag and I could barely see anything split screen. It was horrible.
  2. Laughing at all of the DDE complaint threads bump
  3. When is this auction over? Thanks.
  4. A3, A24, SD1, MD11, C8, all 1 coal each.
  5. Looking to buy, or trade, for a plate gloves for dps. I do have a couple of stipulations; Must have both positive hero health and hero damage(capping damage would be great). Must have positive ability 2 Lastly, at least 100 on hero casting, my character has a whopping grand total of -120 on hero casting right now lol :) I would love an ult but i do not have enough currency. I have up to 1 cube and up to 20 coal for trade. Thank you for reading.
  6. Finally done with MRTS? It can be fun to play the maps with the summoner since I didn't have a summer when I first went through them. However it does feel slow going when you want to get through to get the achievement. Congrats.yeah,right? Took forever lol. Especially when ogreswere stuck before the last wave :) Yeah it was tough how slow it seemed. City in the cliffs was the toughest for me, took a couple tries when I did it.cliffs was in deed the most difficult for myself as well, i didn't realize the effectiveness of gas traps till my third try.
  7. 104/104 bump! Special thanks to Omm, rcdm, and Acen :)
  8. 2 coal on the ult pristine gloves
  9. A thank you for Acen helping me, and others offering their assistance, bump.
  10. Can anyone help me with gth and/or the love maps tonight? Thanks in advance.
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