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  1. K, thanks! Anyways, that went fast! I've been served good for now, but thanks for the replies. :) Might bump it again if I get more mana!
  2. Quite directly, it's what the title says. I have 157 (and counting!) billions, would rather: -Cubes -Coal -Whatever is accounted as heavy currency The goal is really to lower my inventory number (I sell a lot for mana), and since I want to do some auctions that can be bought for mana, I'll need all the room I can get. Rate is 1 Cube = 6 Coal = 60 Billions. It's what I've been trading around, and couldn't find other sales on forums. But if I'm pricing something wrong, feel free to throw your opinion.
  3. Bah, couldn't make it, haven't even understood if it happened on friday or saturday... Anyways, anyone interested in doing it again? Not for the reward, but since I raised a char and equipped him jut for this, would like to do this. Hit me up on steam if you wanna tag along! Oh yes and, what map did you guys play, so I can pick it? :)
  4. That's an easy one for me: The thing I most love in this world are my friends. My true friends. Can't be mentally sane without them. <3 http://steamcommunity.com/id/rebelQuark
  5. There were no face requirements so... The guy on the left, in the picture. :)
  6. Is this still up? Or did it already happen? Any new info on the event? Goddamn, had my level 14 ready and set, with a cool flavour, hope I get to use him! :D
  7. Steam name: rebelQuark SID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/rebelQuark/
  8. Can we use boss rewards? Or are they considered special weapons?
  9. :( But... Nothing at all? I mean, I wasn't expecting anything stupidly high, or even average, but... Also, I'm not thinking of selling them on forums, just in-game, therefore the price check... A few coals maybe? Got a Blaster that after up'ed to the max has 92k damage. Would that be more worth it? How am I supposed to enter the fixed currency of coals and cubes if I can't even get one from average items? Dammit :'(
  10. I'm very new to all this, and I know sub pair items are not worth much, but since I got 0 coal and 0 cubes, might as well make an effort to get into the currency of this game, so but hope I'm doing this right: It seem to upgrade for 307 damage each up, and not the value on the wiki. Would also want a price check on 2 other simmilar Blasters, one with 91 upgrades and another with 202. And would also want a price check on 2 simmilar Pawns, with 168 and 47 upgrades. Gogogogo gimmeh some price ranges!
  11. Hope I don't get disqualified, new to the forums, but old on steam. :) http://steamcommunity.com/id/rebelQuark And by Brodin, may something come out of this giveaway to me! Surely need it. xD
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