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  1. It's stronger than finallys weapon XD
  2. I couldn't beat it (i haven't played in a month so my armor sucks but still...great job!)
  3. Agreed. I have stopped playing (after coming back after a month of no playing) because i can't get through a game without steam being stupid.
  4. i was on wave 14, darn steam disconnected on me! i really want to see jer in game though ;) Same but for alch lab :( I was just about to get new armor too :( I guess I can't play until steam fixes their issues...
  5. It's sad.... I used to be the rudest person on these forums for almost a year before it came out.... And now I feel like an angel compared to all the rude people on these forums. Do you really need to troll the guy for posting an idea? Do you really need to insult trendy because a stupid patch isn't out? I am sorry trendy.... Sorry you got stuck with the worst community I have ever seen.
  6. Do I really need to quote MY OWN post? You guys are brutally cruel.
  7. Actually i think everyone understands, I'm actually just curious (cause I'm excited) :3 Was referring mostly to the OP. And sorry fed up with needless complaining today so I am in a bad mood D:
  8. Good to see that the community finally got rid of those rude and demanding people that were here when I left. /sarcasm Can't you guys ever be understanding just once (for anyone who has just ignore this comment)? Is it really that hard?
  9. Again, why do people think the consumer should feel sympathy for companies? I do no care if they are broke. If I was broke, would I get the game free or for a discounted price? Produce quality DLC. Do not do the same thing so many other companies do by giving us re-skins and charging us 30 percent of the game price for it. If you lack the decency to feel sympathy towards another human being, then why should I even take your post seriously?
  10. Quoting for Awesomeness. The game and DLC sales are what gives us paychecks. If we don't charge money we won't eat or have a place to stay and we most definitely won't be able to work on the game. Stuff doesn't come free and it doesn't make itself. Working on this game is our full time jobs, a lot of the people on the team put a lot more than 40 hours in a week with not much to show for it. You mean trendy is going to stand up for themselves and actually defend their game and decisions?!? IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! YOU TELL THEM TRENDY!!!
  11. Hi everyone. I bought the new heroes DLC, but I couldn't find this map listed anywhere. Is it unavailable for local play, then? :( It will probably be added to local and open later like the halloween event was. edit: ninja'd
  12. I laughed so hard XD... but seriously...Thats a joke right?!? Please tell me somebody isn't that dumb???
  13. Keeping this as short as possible: Youre loosing the people who try to offer valid, constructive criticism. Happened before in other games, was never a good thing... Right now saying anything controversial will get you flagged as "whiner", "hater", "kid", "cellar-dweller", "ungrateful whatever". Its an unmoderated free-for-all : Loyal fanbase v. the dwindling rest. Dont get me wrong, theres been said a lot of trash on both sides, but overall id say the critics often start a well-thoughtout thread to get drowned in poison and acid. Dare to say something controversial in a praise-thread and youre told to GTFO. Do you want that? I highly doubt it...youve made a great game...that coming for a mature gamer who has played a lot of games over the years and has logged 280 hours into DD. Anyway...thanks for reading Its not the fact that they don't want the dlc and don't like the price (at least for me). It's the way they say it. I have seen some very respectful threads today (they probably got trolled) and unfortunately i have seen the opposite: threads where the OP and others are ranting and insulting trendy and others in a very disrespectful way. Believe it or not people, if you treat people like crap they are probably going to treat you the same way back. There is a point where "constructive criticism" is taken way to far.
  14. I feel it is important to post one of the admins response in this thread first, just so it does not get lost on the second page. Originally Posted by Pmasher Thanks, it feels really good to read this article and you're exactly on the ball. I don't think people on this forum realize how hard we at Trendy work to make this game for you guys. Many of us have never personally been paid and have been living off of our own savings (of which are almost nothing, since we're so young) to make this game. We often put in over 70-80 hours a week and more. Yes we make mistakes (that much is clear), but we are not setting out to nor are we setting out to take anyone's money. And I can't comment about our financial issue, but I'd implore everyone to remember... Steam, Epic, D3, Reverb, Contractors, Investors, et. all get cuts from the game and it's DLC. We're putting in all this extra work and putting out all this extra content and patches because we want to and we want to have a product you enjoy playing. Dungeon Defenders was never intended to be a game that people played as much as you all have played it (especially not as much as an MMO) and we're working really hard to get you more content and more gameplay out of the content you have. TL;DR: You whiners are the reason why companies don't give a flying flip about the customer anymore. After all the whining and *****ing about the DLC, my eyes have been opened as to why in all likelyhood corporations no longer are loyal to their customers. The answer is simple, the customers are no longer loyal to the company. I know everyone here has been on and *****ed about "why the hell are they changing this, or why are they doing that!?!? WTF are they idiots? First off, Trendy has no real obligation to us after the purchase of the game, as long as it functions partly (ie if you can technically play the game for a period of time). However, they have continued to try and bring new life to the game. Have they made mistakes? Hell yes, have they admitted to them and tried to fix them when they can? Hell yes. Please name me another game company with this much appeal that responds as quickly as trendy does to the community? Plus, Trendy has 17 SEVENTEEN employees. Blizzard has roughly 4200. With 10m subs, that is 1 blizzard employee for every 2131 customers. In comparison, with 250,000 customers Trendy has 1 employee for every 14,705 customers. Yet, I feel like the DD staff is more in touch with their customer base. They are a young company, and a lot of them do not have a lot of gaming development experience (only ~50 years between 17 of them). Of course they are going to make mistakes, but they are doing their best to correct it. Now lets look at the economic reality of the situation At 15 dollars the game is a steal, I have gotten a lot more value out of it so far then most big blockbuster A++ titles. In general, games are released and there might be 1 bug fix. Then it is 10+ months of no love, and then they release the expansion/ sequel. How many people here have bought Madden NFL/NHL/FIFA , or several of the new Modern Warfares? Modern Warfare REMOVED dedicated servers, and also charged somewhere around 15 dollars for FOUR MAPS. Now, anyone who has been a long time PC gamer, knows that making maps is no't hard, and the community has made several great maps for previous games for free. Yet people still bought them, from a corporation which honestly doesn't really give a flying flip about you. If you have bought any of those games, or those map packs who are you to get up in a storm over an indie company trying to grow? Trendy only made at my guestimation about 1.8m profit, which as a company I imagine most of that money is going into creating a bigger and better game. While most of us look at 1.8m profit as ZOMG that is a lot, you have to realize that Battlefield 3's marketing budget was 50 million dollars. FIFTY MILLION. So I have no problem buying 8 dollars worth of DLC as a way of supporting them as that still only puts my total at $23 dollars or so spent on this game that I have enjoyed a hell of a lot more then most other games I spent 50+ on. Not only that, but to a team that obviously cares about it's customers. I fear with the majority of the attitudes on here, that Trendy as a company might become jaded towards it customers and end up saying "fark them, obviously they are going to hate what ever we do, so why even bother trying?" There is a difference between constructive criticism and b$$$ing, and right now there is way to much b$$$$ing. If you seriously hate the game so much, and think that Trendy sucks. By all means, go find another game as fun and with a more caring staff. Good luck. *boring math stuff below here* Sources I was able to find put Trendy Entertainment at 17 employees. Nov 2 they had hit their 250,000 mark. Now lets assume that since that time they have sold another 100,000. That is 350,000 units. At 15 dollars a unit that is 5,250,000 million. From what sources I've gathered steam takes anywhere from 20-40% of sales. Lets say they took 20%. That is $4,200,000. Now, I do not know how accurate this is, but DD is using the Unreal engine and looking at this http://udk.com/licensing.html it seems like the royalty fee for that is 25%. Leaving is 2,887,500. Now we have to look at overhead,ect ect, cost of the loan they took (I remember reading an article saying Lyle handles finding investors) since I do not have hard numbers I am going to say 200k, including loan, office, electricity, utilities, government paperwork, ect. Leaving is 2,687,500. Now, lets say since this is a new company with relatively recent gator grads, that each employee has a salary of 50k. (I'm trying to lowball here). That leaves us with 1,837,500. Now that may seem like a lot, however think about this. Battlefield 3's marketing campaign cost FIFTY MILLION. I know you will get a lot of flaming for posting this, so here is at least one nice comment: You have got to be the smartest person i have seen on these forums in a while. It is good to see not every new person complains constantly and trolls and insults anyone that disagrees with them (and neither does MacPimpin and Balls (lol!)). Most of the forums is just complaining about stupid things. Do some of the things need fixing? Yes. Do they mess up? Yes. But give them a break. AT LEAST THEY ARE TRYING! That is more than i can say for most companies. Most companies suck the money out of you and then if you have any problems they are unhelpful and rude. And what does trendy do? They listen to you and try to help. Honestly it's more than most of you deserve. I agree with Aamelron: I can see how companies can no longer care about their customers. Thats just my opinion on the subject. Let the trolling begin.
  15. I noticed yesterday that the print on the squire's boxers is actually hearts. Couldn't they at least be diamonds or animals? Who buys boxers with hearts on them for a male child? Just an observation. Of course this has no effect on gameplay, but its something I noticed. It was the only pair of boxers that the tavern keep sold.
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